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Cinnamon for Debian

1. Running

There are two main ways of running Cinnamon: replacing your current
GNOME window manager and panel components, or inside a Xephyr window,
as a way to quickly try it out without compromising your
environment. At this stage one of the options may work better than the
other, depending on various factors, including your drivers.

To run Cinnamon under Xephyr you first need to install the
xserver-xephyr package, and then run Cinnamon with the --xephyr

$ cinnamon --xephyr

2. It's SLOW as hell!

To run Cinnamon you need to have proper DRI, and a video driver
that Clutter likes. In some Intel cards, Kernel-Mode Setting (KMS) may
help. In case Cinnamon runs but is extremely slow you can try
enabling KMS or running it with CLUTTER_VBLANK=none in its
environment. See

3. If you have enough corage...

Cinnamon installs a .desktop file which makes it possible to make
it the default for your session, replacing metacity/gnome-panel. To
make it the default all you need to do is set the following gconf key
to 'cinnamon':


Here's the gconftool command, if you're feeling lazy:

$ gconftool-2 -t string -s /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager cinnamon

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