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Mike Gabriel be01619223 upload to unstable (debian/1.14.0+dfsg1-2) 5 years ago
source starting with debian/ folder as used by MATE upstream 7 years ago
changelog upload to unstable (debian/1.14.0+dfsg1-2) 5 years ago
compat debian/compat: raise dh compat level to 9 7 years ago
control debian/control: Drop from D (mate-icon-theme-faenza): libgtk-3-bin, replace by gtk-update-icon-cache instead. (Closes: #825444). 5 years ago
copyright debian/copyright: finalize file 7 years ago
rules debian/rules: Drop deprecated DEB_DH_INSTALL_ARGS. Not using dh_install configuration file for this src:pkg anyway. 5 years ago
watch debian/watch: Mangle Debian version of non-DFSG upstream source. 7 years ago