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Mike Gabriel e1003d13fc upload to unstable (debian/1.24.1-1) 11 months ago
source starting with debian/ folder as used by MATE upstream 7 years ago
upstream debian/upstream/metadata: Append .git suffix to URLs in Repository: field. 1 year ago
changelog upload to unstable (debian/1.24.1-1) 11 months ago
control debian/control: Bump DH compat level to version 13. 11 months ago
copyright debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 11 months ago
libmate-sensors-applet-plugin-dev.install debian/libmate-sensors-applet-plugin-dev.install: Update for new upstream release. 6 years ago
libmate-sensors-applet-plugin0.install debian/libmate-sensors-applet-plugin0.install: Update for new upstream release. 6 years ago
libmate-sensors-applet-plugin0.symbols debian/libmate-sensors-applet-plugin0.symbols: Add Build-Depends-Package: meta data field. 2 years ago
mate-sensors-applet-common.install debian/mate-sensors-applet-common.install: Add usr/share/help. 6 years ago
mate-sensors-applet-nvidia.install debian/mate-sensors-applet-nvidia.install: Update for new upstream release. 6 years ago
mate-sensors-applet.install debian/mate-sensors-applet.install: plugin gets now also built on Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. 3 years ago
mate-sensors-applet.lintian-overrides lintian: Drop unused override: pkg-has-shlibs-control-file-but-no-actual-shared-libs. 4 years ago
rules debian/rules: Drop dbgsym-migration dh_strip override. 2 years ago
watch debian/watch: Use secure URL to obtain upstream sources. 3 years ago