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Mike Gabriel 27d1a60976 upload to unstable (debian/1.24.1-1) 1 year ago
patches debian/patches: Refactor 1001_RDA-Don-t-apply-stored-monitor-configuration-if-sess.patch 1 year ago
source starting with debian/ folder as used by MATE upstream 7 years ago
upstream debian/upstream/metadata: Append .git suffix to URLs in Repository: field. 1 year ago
changelog upload to unstable (debian/1.24.1-1) 1 year ago
compat debian/compat: Update compat version. 4 years ago
control Revert "debian/control: Drop no longer used libdbus-glib-1-dev from B-D." 1 year ago
copyright debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 1 year ago
mate-settings-daemon-common.install debian/mate-settings-daemon-common.install: Use dh-exec; omit installation of udev rules as they don't get created when --disable-rfkill configure option is used on non-Linux host archs. 2 years ago
mate-settings-daemon-dev.install Add development files. 6 years ago
mate-settings-daemon.install debian/mate-settings-daemon.install: remove usr/share/man/ 6 years ago
rules debian/rules: Add --disable-rfkill configure option on non-Linux host archs. 2 years ago
watch debian/watch: Use secure URI to obtain upstream sources. 3 years ago