202 Commits (master)

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  Mike Gabriel 387d8484b3 upload to unstable (debian/1.24.1-1) 11 months ago
  Mike Gabriel cad3b91299 debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 11 months ago
  Mike Gabriel 766d0a509d prepare new upstream release (v1.24.1) 11 months ago
  Mike Gabriel 5fb4476123 debian/control: Bump DH compat level to version 13. 11 months ago
  Mike Gabriel 34b9e156e2 upload to unstable (debian/1.24.0-1) 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 9d69bf1f66 debian/control: Update versioned B-D on mate-common (>= 1.24.0-1~). 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 0520765af5 Revert "upload to unstable (debian/1.24.0-1)" 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 81ccccdfc1 upload to unstable (debian/1.24.0-1) 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel a618b6dce2 Revert "debian/control: Add B-D autoconf-archive." 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress 187a0eba85 debian/control: Add B-D policykit-1. 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress 94601d3105 debian/control: Add B-D autoconf-archive. 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress fdc2d01bb4 debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress 8ac4acb9c5 debian/changelog: New upstream release. 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress cc7f0de352 debian/changelog: update from Git history 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel fef6f843a0 debian/upstream/metadata: Append .git suffix to URLs in Repository: field. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 266be0b791 debian/upstream/metadata: Drop obsolete fields Contact: and Name:. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel f3f5f1450b debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.5.0. No changes needed. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 6b13b3d6fc debian/control: Add Rules-Requires-Root: field and set it to no. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 8a2e567f92 debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.4.1. No changes needed. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 859fd002c9 upload to unstable (debian/1.22.2-1) 1 year ago
  Martin Wimpress a4e85403d4 debian/changelog: New upstream release. 1 year ago
  Mike Gabriel 66101e7516 upload to unstable (debian/1.22.1-1) 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 410b141e7c debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 86feb9b338 debian/rules: Drop dbgsym-migration dh_strip override. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 0df6b3c7df debian/{compat,control}: Use debhelper-compat notation. Bump to DH compat level version 12. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 55055d22ba debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.4.0. No changes needed. 2 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 0f4d884d21 bump version to 1.22.1-1 2 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 995c587b9d debian/changelog: New upstream release. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 63805f5e6a upload to unstable (debian/1.20.2-1) 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 3fb81bd833 debian/control: White-space clean-up at EOF. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel c19d85ec56 debian/rules: Drop override_dh_install target. The appdata.xml file is now installed to the correct location. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 783921e3e3 debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.3.0. No changes needed. 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 1c4623f004 upload to unstable (debian/1.20.1-1) 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 764a935187 debian/copyright: Update copyright attributions. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 0501a2ec4c debian/upstream/metadata: Use Martin's address as Contact: address. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel d28f6008dc debian/upstream/metadata: Add file. Be compliant with DEP-12 proposal. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 301b4a8486 debian/copyright: White-space fix for prev commit. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 93bc2bc318 debian/copyright: Update Upstream-Contact: field. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 2807044b0f debian/copyright: Update Source: field. Use upstream's Git site and https in URL. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 5d92540154 debian/copyright: Make Upstream-Name: field's value more human readable. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 7f55839ed2 debian/control: Drop pkg-mate-team Alioth mailing list from Uploaders: field. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel dd5a6ea65f debian/control: Bump Standards-Version: to 4.1.4. No changes needed. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel b58d3b1e35 debian/control: Update Vcs-*: fields. Package has been migrated to salsa.debian.org. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel e352c3907f debian/copyright: Use secure URI for copyright format. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel fd1c3384ba upload to unstable (debian/1.20.0-1) 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 8c65609b27 debian/{rules,mate-system-monitor-common.install}: Move appstream metadata file to new location (until upstream has fixed their location). 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 45f86375e0 debian/watch: Use secure URL to obtain upstream sources. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 27cac06253 debian/{control,compat}: Bump DH version level to 11. 3 years ago
  Mike Gabriel e0ce64de03 Revert "prepared for Debian" 3 years ago
  Martin Wimpress fb2561c549 prepared for Debian 3 years ago