29 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mike Gabriel 2e94e6dbae debian/rules: Drop dbgsym-migration dh_strip override. 2 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 743e4d346c debian/rules: Drop workaround for FTBFS due to pt language error in search tool help. 2 years ago
  Martin Wimpress b44d6abea4 debian/rules: Updated for MATE Desktop 1.22 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 1423f526f4 debian/rules: Don't build parallely. It fails. See upstream bug https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-utils/issues/211. (Closes: #919058). 2 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 4d2388c193 debian/{rules,mate-utils-common.install}: Move appstream metainfo to correct location. 3 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis c5bf336907 debian/rules: Disable autoreconf, handled by autogen.sh. 4 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis 3dff72a86a debian/rules: Add new block for override_dh_missing. 4 years ago
  Martin Wimpress b8b786afd0 debian/rules: Add --disable-silent-rules, as used in other packages. 4 years ago
  Martin Wimpress fbe73838f7 debian/rules: Remove obsolete --with-gtk=3.0 4 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis 278f36b6e7 debian/control rules: dbgsym: Don't build dbg:packages anymore. See https://wiki.debian.org/AutomaticDebugPackages. 5 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 48bf983a14 debian/rules: Add --with-gtk=3.0 5 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 7038121ded debian/rules: MateConf dropped upstream. 5 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis 71e9c8d86f debian/rules: Enable all hardening flags. 5 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 855d1352cb debian/rules: Remove obsolete --enable-deprecated. 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 926af71956 rebase MateConf 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 9da4070419 debian/rules,debian/mate-utils-common.install: Stop installing MateConf .convert file/folder. 6 years ago
  Martin Wimpress 5b477afa0e debian/rules: Update for new upstream release. Remove dfsg suffix. 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 81ff417be8 debian/rules: Drop --disable-scrollkeeper configure option. Not supported. 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 9be3e0ae1f debian/{rules,mate-utils-common.install}: Don't ship *.convert files anymore. 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel de52ecf8f7 debian/rules: Create orig tarball in ../ rather than in . 6 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 665e025fd1 debian/rules: Use upstream's NEWS file as upstream ChangeLog. 7 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 67350a51d5 debian/rules: Fix FTBFS on binary-only builds introduced by last package upload. 7 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 802e1a0f70 debian/rules: Remove .la files before running dh_install. 7 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis e48ac4bfb8 debian/rules: Replace on dh_install --list-missing -> --fail-missing 7 years ago
  Mike Gabriel e2d72d646d debian/rules: Fix typo in tarball repacking code. 7 years ago
  Mike Gabriel 1b6157ff0d Convert package into non-DFSG package. Repack upstream sources via get-orig-source and fix build via 2001_omit-gfdl-licensed-help-files.patch. 7 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis a65b6b7053 debian/rules: Turn on compiler commands during package build (configure option: --disable-silent-rules). 7 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis 23248ad6bf debian/rules: Enable parallel builds. 7 years ago
  Vangelis Mouhtsis 33d6008947 starting with debian/ folder as used by MATE upstream 7 years ago