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Focus issues:
see doc/how-to-get-focus-right.txt
Keep panel always on top:
Edge flipping:
Opaque resize:
Alt+click to move/resize:
minimized windows in Alt+tab:
dialogs above entire app group:
display window size/position:
configure click actions, alt+click:
system modal dialogs:
workspace wrapping:
raise windows on click:
Pointer warping:
(Think about tasklist & window selector too; this would be a very bad idea)
Bugs for easy dupe-finding that seem to be hard to find otherwise:
Applications opening in wrong workspace:
Tracking bugs
revise theme format:
session management:
other focus bugs:
tasklist/workspace switcher:
window/workspace selection:
key/mouse-binding actions:
moving/resizing (constraints):
window placement:
logout/system-monitor keys:
modal dialogs:
multi-head sans xinerama:
output-only windows:
allowed actions/window-type:
EWMH/ICCCM compliance: