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/* -*- mode: C; c-file-style: "gnu"; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*- */
#include <X11/extensions/Xfixes.h>
#include <meta/compositor.h>
#include <meta/display.h>
#include "meta-plugin-manager.h"
#include "meta-window-actor-private.h"
#include <clutter/clutter.h>
typedef struct _MetaCompScreen MetaCompScreen;
struct _MetaCompositor
MetaDisplay *display;
Atom atom_x_root_pixmap;
Atom atom_x_set_root;
Atom atom_net_wm_window_opacity;
guint pre_paint_func_id;
guint post_paint_func_id;
ClutterActor *shadow_src;
MetaPlugin *modal_plugin;
gint64 server_time_query_time;
gint64 server_time_offset;
guint server_time_is_monotonic_time : 1;
guint show_redraw : 1;
guint debug : 1;
guint no_mipmaps : 1;
gboolean frame_has_updated_xsurfaces;
gboolean have_x11_sync_object;
struct _MetaCompScreen
MetaScreen *screen;
ClutterActor *stage, *bottom_window_group, *window_group, *overlay_group, *top_window_group;
ClutterActor *background_actor;
ClutterActor *hidden_group;
GList *windows;
GHashTable *windows_by_xid;
Window output;
CoglOnscreen *onscreen;
CoglFrameClosure *frame_closure;
/* Used for unredirecting fullscreen windows */
guint disable_unredirect_count;
MetaWindowActor *unredirected_window;
/* Before we create the output window */
XserverRegion pending_input_region;
gint switch_workspace_in_progress;
MetaPluginManager *plugin_mgr;
/* Wait 2ms after vblank before starting to draw next frame */
void meta_switch_workspace_completed (MetaScreen *screen);
gboolean meta_begin_modal_for_plugin (MetaScreen *screen,
MetaPlugin *plugin,
Window grab_window,
Cursor cursor,
MetaModalOptions options,
guint32 timestamp);
void meta_end_modal_for_plugin (MetaScreen *screen,
MetaPlugin *plugin,
guint32 timestamp);
gint64 meta_compositor_monotonic_time_to_server_time (MetaDisplay *display,
gint64 monotonic_time);
void meta_check_end_modal (MetaScreen *screen);