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2009-03-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.26.0 release.
2009-02-04 Neil Jagdish Patel <>
* src/core/frame.c: queue resize on window undecorate
2009-02-03 Luca Ferretti <>
* src/include/all-keybindings.h: Fix description, focus the
desktop, not desktop backgroung (Closes bug #569649)
2009-02-02 Matt Kraai <>
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: Wrap g_error calls in braces.
2009-02-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.233.
2009-02-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.144 release.
2009-02-01 Matt Kraai <>
Set prop_hooks_table to NULL after freeing it.
* src/core/window-props.c:
2009-01-29 Thomas Thurman <>
Window properties are looked up in a hash table rather than
by iteration over an array. Saves ~44us per window, but
also makes the code cleaner.
* src/core/display-private.h:
* src/core/window-props.c:
2009-01-27 Matthias Claesen <>
* src/core/edge-resistance.c: some lists failed to keep track
of their contents and therefore didn't free correctly.
Closes #552303.
2009-01-27 Matthias Claesen <>
* src/core/prefs.c: Free name of old theme when new theme
is loaded. Closes #552973.
2009-01-27 Matthias Claesen <>
* src/ui/ui.c: free the result of gdk_text_property_to_utf8_list()
even when it returns no data.
2009-01-27 Owen Taylor <>
GtkStyle is specific to a particular colormap. Metacity
uses different colormaps for windows with different
visuals, so it must specialize the GtkStyle.
Closes #568365 and #513944.
* src/ui/frames.[ch]: Keep a GtkStyle for each MetaUIFrame, which is
obtained by calling gtk_style_attach() on the style for the
MetaFrames. When the style of the MetaFrames changes, reattach
everything. When we call gtk_style_set_background() pass in the
right style.
* src/ui/themes.[ch]: Create a _with_style() variant of functions that
previously took the style from widget->style passed in, so we
can draw with the right style for the colormap.
2009-01-27 Thomas Thurman <>
Added a gconf key to swap the meanings of the right and
middle buttons when the modifier key is held down.
Closes #437910. Thanks to Matt Kraai for looking over
the patch.
* src/core/display.c:
* src/core/prefs.c:
* src/include/prefs.h:
* src/
2009-01-27 Thomas Thurman <>
All the window properties are now handled using simple
window property handlers. Closes #549886.
* src/core/window-private.h:
* src/core/window-props.c:
* src/core/window.c:
2009-01-26 Thomas Thurman <>
More of the window properties are checked using simple
window property handlers. The ones which remain don't
actually look up the new value in the ordinary way, and
so are a little trickier to merge. Added an "initial"
flag to be on the safe side that the behaviour is the
same as before (so we don't do things when a window's
first mapped that we only used to do when a property
changed). Partial fix for bug #549886.
* src/core/window-props.c:
* src/core/window-props.h:
* src/core/window.c:
2009-01-25 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>
* src/core/window.c: add support for _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE_CANCEL.
2009-01-10 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/theme.[ch]: add meta_theme_draw_frame_by_name, which
is needed for the theme editor.
2008-12-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.144.
2008-12-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.89 release.
2008-12-25 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/include/all-keybindings.h: alt-F10 toggles maximisation,
alt-F5 only restores. Also rename "unmaximize" to "restore".
* src/ui/frames.c: Rename "unmaximize" to "restore".
Closes #343824.
2008-12-25 Frederic Peters <>
* src/core/main.c: (main): added call to g_thread_init(), as ORBit2
stopped doing it and Metacity is using gconf; closes #565517.
2008-12-24 Yanko Kaneti <>
* src/ add screenshot commands which had
mistakenly been removed; closes #564343, Launchpad bug 298463,
Red Hat bug 474635, and probably others.
2008-12-24 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/include/all-keybindings.h: fix move_to_corner_se
2008-12-21 Colin Walters <>
* src/core/window.c: windows which attempt to present themselves
but are offscreen end up demanding attention, unless they
are transient, when they move to the current workspace
as before. Closes #482354.
2008-12-19 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/frames.c: when the user double-clicks the title bar,
end the grab op. Closes #401028.
2008-12-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.89.
2008-12-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.55 release.
2008-12-15 Erwann Chenede <>
* fix build on Solaris. Closes #564123.
2008-12-02 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.55.
2008-12-02 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.34 release.
2008-12-02 Matt Kraai <>
* src/core/iconcache.c: patches to fixes for -Wall. Closes #562939.
2008-12-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.34.
2008-12-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.21 release.
2008-12-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* gnome-doc-tools version doesn't need to be so high.
* src/compositor/compositor-xrender.c: disable the entire file if the
compositor is disabled.
* src/core/async-getprop.[ch]: fixes for -Wall
* src/core/iconcache.c: fixes for -Wall
* src/core/testasyncgetprop.c: fixes for -Wall
* src/core/xprops.c: fixes for -Wall
2008-11-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* tools/ linked language codes to po files
* tools/ print revision url
2008-11-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* tools/ renamed ini file
* tools/ rewriting in terms of moap
2008-11-25 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.21.
2008-11-25 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.13 release.
2008-11-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* tools/ (added): script to produce announcements
2008-11-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/xprops.c: add casts (#562106)
2008-11-25 Thomas Thurman <>
* metacity.doap: change to standard description.
2008-11-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.13.
2008-11-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.8 release.
2008-11-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* po/ add new bindings file
2008-11-23 Daniel Macks <>
reviewed by: Thomas Thurman
* src/ reorder compiler flags so local includes come last.
Closes #562033.
2008-11-23 Daniel Macks <>
reviewed by: Thomas Thurman
* only accept --enable-compositor if we find we can
actually composite. Closes #560990.
2008-11-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c: remove apparently spurious warnings about
operations on window "none"
2008-11-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/util.c: Set _POSIX_C_SOURCE to 200112L as it should always
have been, in an attempt to close #561962.
2008-11-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* Set -ansi so people stop complaining about C99.
2008-11-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c: fix stupid infinite loop when GConf is turned off.
2008-11-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c: fix two places where there was a warning
if GConf was turned off.
2008-11-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/all-keybindings.h: "backward", not "backwards" throughout.
2008-11-20 Thomas Thurman <>
* turned on -Wall and -Werror in order to
trap as many problems as possible.
* src/ui/resizepopup.c: added correct #include.
* src/ui/theme-viewer.c: initialised variable.
* src/core/xprops.c: corrected cast.
* src/core/main.c: added warning if chdir() fails.
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: checking the return
result of fgets().
2008-11-20 Thomas Thurman <>
Merged screen and window keybinding tables so that
we can use just one file for the both. Also incidentally
closes #528337. Further efficiencies of scale to come.
* src/include/prefs.h: replace META_PREF_*_KEYBINDINGS
* src/core/keybindings.c: replace *_bindings with key_bindings
and similar throughout; all window-based functions are now
guaranteed to receive a window so don't need to check for
(find_handler): moved so it can also be called from
* src/core/display-private.h: replace *_bindings with key_bindings
* src/core/prefs.c: update_*_binding becomes update_key_binding;
(change_notify): tidy up references to "enormous if statement"
since it's almost entirely gone now
* src/core/all-keybindings.h: new merged version of
screen-bindings.h and window-bindings.h.
2008-11-16 David Trowbridge <>
This change adds support for the new _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS
property and client message. This allows client applications to request
that a fullscreen window cover more than one monitor.
* src/include/boxes.h:
* src/core/boxes.c: Add meta_rectangle_union
* src/core/window-private.h:
* src/core/window.c:
(meta_window_new_with_attrs, meta_window_free, set_net_wm_state,
meta_window_update_fullscreen_monitors, meta_window_client_message): Add
MetaWindow property to store fullscreen monitors field, update
_NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS property on windows, and handle client
* src/core/atomnames.h: Add _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS atom.
* src/core/constraints.c (setup_constraint_info): If
_NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS is interesting, use the data stored in
MetaWindow::fullscreen_monitors to determine the fullscreen area instead
of the basic xinerama_info area.
2008-11-11 Thomas Thurman <>
Removed deprecated calls. Closes #560445.
* src/core/delete.c: remove deprecated g_strcasecmp.
* src/include/main.h: no actual deprecated call, but
a mention of one which was out of date.
2008-11-11 Maxim Ermilov <>
Clean up #includes according to the GNOME Goal.
Closes #560449. Patch is 122467.
* src/core/place.c:
* src/ui/draw-workspace.h:
* src/ui/gradient.h:
* src/ui/metaaccellabel.c:
* src/ui/metaaccellabel.h:
* src/ui/preview-widget.c:
* src/ui/preview-widget.h:
* src/ui/resizepopup.c:
* src/ui/theme.c:
* src/ui/theme.h:
* src/ui/themewidget.h:
2008-11-10 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>
* src/ updated description of
2008-11-08 Thomas Thurman <>
* added dependency on Zenity
* src/core/keybindings.c: remove error_on_generic_command() and
error_on_terminal_command(); rewrite error_on_command
in terms of meta_show_dialog()
* src/core/util.c: add meta_show_dialog() to call Zenity
* src/include/util.h: ditto
2008-11-03 Olav Vitters <>
* src/ui/theme-parser.c: Fix build by readding accidentally removed
2008-10-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/theme-parser.c: variable names in messages should be
double-quoted. Closes #558309.
2008-10-28 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/include/screen-bindings.h: fix accidental name change of
run_command_terminal. Closes #557943.
2008-10-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c (titlebar_handler, handle_preference_update_enum):
Add initialisation which I missed on the previous checkin. Also
an extra comment.
2008-10-27 Brian Cameron <>
Fix some crashes with the new GDM 2.24. Closes #558058.
* src/ui/ui.c (meta_ui_parse_modifier): another null check
* src/core/prefs.c (titlebar_handler, button_layout_handler):
more null checks.
2008-10-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c (mouse_button_mods_handler): Ignore values
of .../mouse_button_modifier key if the key's missing.
Closes Launchpad bug #258054, Launchpad bug #266929.
2008-10-23 Frederic Peters <>
* doc/creating_themes/C/creating-metacity-themes.xml: added missing @id
on <book> top element.
2008-10-23 Frederic Peters <>
* doc/creating_themes/
* doc/creating_themes/C/creating_metacity_themes.xml: renamed document
to creating-metacity-themes to match other manuals usage of dashes.
2008-10-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.8.
2008-10-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.5 release.
2008-10-23 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: fix stupid thinko which
caused defaults to be incorrect
* src/include/window-bindings.h: "space" needs to be
2008-10-23 Thomas Thurman <>
Support _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY (i.e. allow third-party apps to decide
whether a window is on all workspaces). Bug found by Ka-Hing
Cheung. Closes #557536.
* src/core/window.c (set_net_wm_state): report it
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_client_message): set sticky
if we receive it
* src/core/window-props.c: set sticky if we find it
* src/core/atomnames.h: add _NET_WM_STATE_STICKY
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: support builds outside tree properly.
* src/ ditto.
* po/POTFILES.skip: ditto.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.5.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.3 release.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* bump to 2.25.3 (thought the release script
had already done this)
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
Fixes to make distcheck work again.
* src/ include *-binding.h, and make the schema
building work when builddir != srcdir
* po/ (src/core/keybindings.): include *-binding.h
2008-10-22 Götz Waschk <>
* add libm reference. Closes #557357.
2008-10-22 Murray Cumming <>
* doc/creating_themes/C/creating_metacity_themes.xml:
Fixed various tags to make this validate.
Bug #557337
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.2 release.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.2 release.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.2 release.
2008-10-22 Joe Marcus Clarke <>
* src/core/main.c (meta_finalize, sigterm_handler): new functions
* src/core/main.c (main): add sigterm_handler in case we receive
a SIGTERM. Closes #553980.
2008-10-22 Matthew Martin <>
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_set_demands_attention): minimised
windows are necessarily obscured. Closes #528927.
2008-10-22 Thomas Thurman <>
Slight transformation of the x-macros used in keybindings
to make them clearer: write handler names out in full
because the old suffix system was confusing to people
skim-reading, and switched the order of the last two
parameters so more would generally fit on a screen.
* src/core/keybindings.c, src/core/schema-bindings.c
src/core/prefs.c: sympathy changes
* src/core/window-bindings.h, src/core/screen-bindings.h:
transformation as above
2008-10-21 Christian Persch <>
* src/ fix build when schemas are not installed.
Closes #557335.
2008-10-21 Tomas Frydrych <>
* src/core/screen-bindings.h: Fix off-by-one error.
* src/core/window-bindings.h: Fix off-by-one error.
Closes #557201.
2008-10-18 Thomas Thurman <>
During a discussion with Rodney Dawes about making life easier
for the translators, he pointed out that the short and long
forms of almost all the keybindings say much the same thing
in different words. I believe this is an unconscionable burden
to place on translators, and have therefore merged the short
and long descriptions into the short description. The long
is now a general explanation of the format, plus possibly a
notice about reversibility. Closes #469361, and should solve
the l10n issue previously mentioned.
* src/core/keybindings.c: reflect changes in *-bindings.h
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: reflect changes in *-bindings.h
* src/core/prefs.c: reflect changes in *-bindings.h
* src/core/window-bindings.h: Add flags field, always the same
currently, so that it's the same as screen-bindings.h.
Also, lose ONLY_BOUND_BY_DEFAULT, since we already had a
rather more elegant way to perform the same effect.
And merge the long and short descriptions.
* src/core/screen-bindings.h (, item): Merge the long and
short descriptions.
2008-10-17 Murray Cumming <>
* Call GNOME_DOC_INIT() so we can use the gnome-doc-utils
variables in our
* doc/
* doc/creating_themes/
* doc/creating_themes/C/creating_metacity_themes.xml:
Added this new DocBook document, converted from the HTML here
This will be installed for yelp and can be translated and hosted on
2008-10-15 Thomas Thurman <>
Since Patrick Niklaus's checkin of 2008-08-14 dealt with windows with
no icons not using fallback icons, we don't need fallback icons.
* src/ui/theme.h: remove fallback icons from struct.
* src/core/iconcache.c (meta_read_icons): don't look for fallbacks.
* src/*/ui.[ch] (meta_ui_get_fallback_icons): removed
* src/ui/theme-parser.c (typedef, parse_toplevel_element): don't
parse fallback specifications.
2008-10-13 Thomas Thurman <>
* po/ add screen-bindings.h
2008-10-13 Thomas Thurman <>
* po/ raw schemas is now
* po/LINGUAS: add Latin
2008-10-12 Thomas Thurman <>
Make the bindings in src/core/*-bindings.h generate
GConf schemas too. Note that there's an i18n issue
(documented in schema-bindings.c) which will be fixed
next checkin.
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: major fixup to make it
ready for use as part of the actual build process.
* src/ added magic to make it call schema-bindings
after it builds it.
* src/core/window-bindings.h: added comments;
also, window menu was listed variously as alt-Space
and alt-Print; it should have been alt-Space.
* src/ renamed from s/\.in$//,
sentinel added for the generated bindings,
warning at the top now untrue, and removed.
2008-10-12 Thomas Thurman <>
Fix annoying bug where alt-tab and friends would jump
backwards a space on initial movement.
* src/core/screen-bindings.h: although reversed bindings
are necessarily reversible, don't set both bits in the
constant, or when we test for them we'll get confused.
2008-10-12 Thomas Thurman <>
An attempt to make life a little easier for our beloved translators;
this has the same behaviour as before, but removes over thirty
translation strings.
* src/core/session.c (start_element_handler): all "attribute not found
on element" strings are identical
* src/ui/theme-parser.c (locate_attributes): allow attribute names to
be preceded with "!" (in the code) to show they're required.
(parse_aspect_ratio, parse_distance, parse_toplevel_element,
parse_style_element, parse_gradient_element, static, parse_border,
parse_style_set_element, parse_draw_op_element): use the new "!"
prefix for locate_attributes(), or in some cases just the identical
constant, for generating this error.
* src/ui/theme.c (check_state, meta_theme_validate): add
translator comments
* src/ui/resizepopup.c (update_size_window): add
translator comments
2008-10-06 William Lachance <>
Pass modified mouse button events down to panel windows
instead of dealing with them ourselves. Closes #554428.
* src/core/display.c (prefs_changed_callback): don't grab mouse
buttons on panels
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_new_with_attrs): ditto
2008-10-05 Thomas Thurman <>
Second half of the switch to using x-macros for keybindings so that
we don't have lots of places with the same information which must
stay in the same order. This time it's screen bindings.
* src/core/screen-bindings.h: New file, containing screen bindings.
* src/core/schema-bindings.c: added ability to output screen bindings.
* src/core/window-bindings.h: tiny tweak to comment
* src/core/keybindings.c: generate function prototypes using s-b.h;
several handlers modified to use ints rather than ints cast into
pointers, or renamed.
* src/include/prefs.h: generate names of bindings using s-b.h;
generate screen_handlers using s-b.h;
arguments to bindings are ints and not ints cast to pointers;
several handler functions renamed to consistent names.
* src/core/prefs.c (meta_prefs_set_num_workspaces, init_bindings):
generate screen_handlers using s-b.h;
generate screen_string_bindings using s-b.h (and add check for
null bindings in init_bindings to enable this simply).
2008-10-05 Thomas Thurman <>
* tools/ experimental tool for Launchpad upload
2008-10-05 Thomas Thurman <>
* metacity.doap: Havoc is an author; Thomas has an email address;
add a ton of release information going back to the early days,
although not right to the beginning.
2008-09-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* not all versions of /bin/sh can handle this script,
so specify one. Also update the error message because we don't
use CVS these days.
2008-09-20 Thomas Thurman <>
* po/ fix name of window-bindings.h
2008-09-20 Thomas Thurman <>
* po/ added new files and re-sorted
2008-09-12 Vincent Untz <>
Install desktop files in both
.../share/applications and .../share/gnome/wm-properties.
Copied in from the 2.23.x branch. Closes #549479.
* src/ new file
* src/.cvsignore: include the above
* src/ install the above
2008-09-06 Thomas Thurman <>
An attempt to keep all information about window bindings
in the same place. Screen bindings to come.
* src/core/window-bindings.h: new file, list of all window bindings
* src/include/prefs.h: drop all the existing window-binding macros
* src/core/schema-bindings.c (): output all the schema blocks that
would appear in metacity.schema for these window bindings. This
ought to become part of the build process, and hopefully will soon.
When this works it will also close #469361.
* src/core/keybindings.c: generate handle_* prototypes using
x-macros; populate window_handlers using x-macros; rename several
functions to have consistent names; do_handle_move_to_workspace(),
handle_move_to_workspace_flip(), and handle_move_to_workspace() all
merged into handle_move_to_workspace.
* src/core/prefs.c: generate window_bindings and window_string_bindings
using x-macros; (meta_prefs_set_compositing_manager) fix unrelated
problem with use of GConf functions when GConf was disabled.
* src/core/core.c (meta_core_get_menu_accelerator): binding names
given as literals since this is the only place in the code they
now appear
2008-09-03 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ removed invalid "Window Manager" group
at request of Matthias Clasen.
2008-09-02 Thomas Thurman <>
Desktop file moved, according to policy change. Closes #549479.
* src/ Don't display the desktop file
* src/ Desktop file goes in apps directory
2008-09-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.25.2.
2008-09-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.1 release.
2008-09-01 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/workspace.c: When a workspace's list of struts
is freed, free the struts too. Closes #549952, and #468075.
2008-09-01 Thomas Thurman <>
Add new move_to_center keybinding, requested by Khanh-Dang Nguyen
Thu Lam; closes #549979.
* src/include/prefs.h (void): add name of new binding
* src/core/prefs.c: added pref for it
* src/core/keybindings.c (handle_move_to_center): new function
* src/ included new binding
2008-08-31 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.[ch] (meta_prefs_set_compositing_manager): new
* src/core/main.c (meta_parse_options): turn the compositing
manager on or off as necessary.
2008-08-30 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/window.c (process_property_notify): moving all
messages about properties to the top, as a start at #549886
2008-08-18 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: fix version number which broke
2008-08-18 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release version bump to 2.25.1.
2008-08-18 Thomas Thurman <>
* correct incorrect version number
2008-08-18 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.25.1 release.
2008-08-18 Thomas Thurman <>
Adding doxygen headers to some files.
* src/core/metacity-Xatomtype.h
* src/core/main.c
* src/core/screen-private.h
* src/core/window-private.h
* src/core/keybindings.h
* src/core/session.h
* src/core/workspace.h
* src/core/window-props.h ()
2008-08-18 Eric Piel <>
* src/core/workspace.c (ensure_work_areas_validated): add a copy of
each strut in a window to the workspace's strut list, instead of
using the copy in the list (which would mean it was double-freed).
Believed to fix #468075.
2008-08-16 Ted Percival <>
Ensure the user_rect is set sanely for windows that start maximized.
Prevents maximized windows from warping across the screen.
Fixes bug #504692.
* src/core/window.c (save_user_placement): renamed version of
* src/core/window.c (force_save_user_placement): similar, but will
always save user_rect even if the window is maximised or fullscreen.
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_move_resize_internal): unplaced
windows have force_save_user_placement() called instead of
2008-08-14 Patrick Niklaus <>
Icons for windows are taken from the desktop theme, not from
the Metacity theme or from the fallback icon that Metacity
provided. Closes #524343.
* src/ui/ui.c: Use GtkIconTheme to load the default window icon.
Assumes the existence of an icon called "window", otherwise
falls back to "gtk-missing-image". Fixes #524343.
* src/ui/preview-widget: See above.
* src/include/common.h: Add META_DEFAULT_ICON_NAME.
* src/ Remove default_icon.png from inlinepixbufs.h.
* src/default_icon.png: Removed.
2008-08-14 Akira TAGOH <>
* doc/man/metacity-message.1: new manual page.
* doc/man/ added new reference.
2008-08-13 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-branch bump to 2.25.0.
2008-08-04 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.144.
2008-08-04 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.89 release.
2008-07-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* metacity.doap (added): DOAP file (first pass, anyway).
2008-07-14 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.89.
2008-07-14 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.55 release.
2008-07-13 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c (event_callback): meta_display_screen_for_root()
can return NULL, so check for that. Fixes #422242. Also tidying.
2008-07-13 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>
* src/core/workspace.c (meta_workspace_free): Don't attempt to
double-free struts, edges and regions if work areas have already
been invalidated at the time of freeing a workspace.
Possible fix to #361804.
2008-07-12 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/constraints.c (do_screen_and_xinerama_relative_constraints):
Don't allocate memory for log messages unless we're logging.
2008-07-12 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/group.c (meta_window_get_group): This function can now
officially return NULL.
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_same_application): Two windows can't
belong to the same application unless they both belong to some
application. (Both belonging to no application is not the same.)
2008-06-30 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/bell.c (meta_bell_set_audible): Fix typo that
slipped through.
2008-06-30 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/bell.[ch]: Move comments for non-statics from the .c to .h.
* Doxyfile: adapt better for C, and make quiet.
2008-06-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/theme-viewer.c (main): display the theme name
in the title bar. Closes #430198.
2008-06-29 Thomas Thurman <>
Allow toggling of non-compositor effects (since there's a
non-Metacity key to do so: /desktop/gnome/interface/enable_animations).
Closes #92867.
* src/include/prefs.h: add META_PREFS_GNOME_ANIMATIONS key and
meta_prefs_get_gnome_animations() function
* src/include/prefs.c: added meta_prefs_get_gnome_animations()
function, and made supporting changes to structs.
* src/core/effects.c (run_handler): checked whether enable_animations
is set before running an effect.
* src/core/effects.c (meta_effect_run_minimize): remove debug message.
2008-06-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/bell.c: remove meta_ prefix on all static functions.
2008-06-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/stack.c (stack_sync_to_server): lose meta prefix
since it's static.
* src/core/stack.c (meta_stack_remove, stack_do_window_deletions):
replace our own cast with glib macro designed to do the same thing
2008-06-28 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c, src/compositor/compositor-xrender.c: add checks
for HAVE_SHAPE where appropriate.
* src/core/xprops.c: fix type error which was causing warnings.
2008-06-28 Thomas Thurman <>
Some refactoring, simplifying, and commenting of the non-composited
effects code. effects.c could still do with some polish, which will
come along later.
* src/core/effects.h (meta_push_effect_handler): removed since it's
never used and does nothing very useful.
* src/core/effects.h (meta_pop_effect_handler): removed since its
only effect is to crash the program.
META_SHADE_ANIMATION_LENGTH): move to effects.c because they're used
nowhere else.
* src/core/effects.c: there were three versions of the box-zoom effect.
Remove the one which was never used, and make only the ones which
are used with certain configure settings be compiled.
* src/core/effects.h (meta_effect_end): move to effects.c, make static,
and rename to effect_free.
* src/core/effects.h (meta_effects_draw_box_animation): move to
effects.c, make static, and rename to draw_box_animation.
* src/core/effects.h (MetaEffectType): remove the values which weren't
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_shade): remove commented-out code to
call effect for shading.
* src/core/effects.h (MetaEffectFinish): remove useless MetaEffect
* src/core/window.c (finish_minimize): remove MetaEffect parameter.
2008-06-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/stack.h: Commented everything.
2008-06-26 Thomas Thurman <>
Keep the compiler from giving some warnings.
* src/compositor/compositor-xrender.c (xrender_begin_move,
xrender_update_move, xrender_end_move, xrender_free_window): four
functions which were never called and contain no code #iffed out.
* src/tools/metacity-mag.c (grab_area_at_mouse): fixed typecast error.
2008-06-26 Thomas Thurman <>
Refactor so the long scary stack functions are less long and scary:
* stack.c (stack_ensure_sorted): the five parts of this long function
broken out into the new functions stack_do_window_deletions,
stack_do_window_additions, stack_do_relayer, stack_do_constrain
(which was already separate: see next) and stack_do_resort.
* stack.c (constrain_stacking): renamed to stack_do_constrain.
* stack.c (stack_ignore_sorted): lose meta prefix since it's static.
2008-06-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.55.
2008-06-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.34 release.
2008-06-16 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.34 release.
2008-06-13 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/window-props.c: Some commenting.
* src/core/prefs.c: Added unified handling of integer preferences.
Re-ordered fields in existing preferences so that changing to
a union-based system will be easier in the future.
2008-06-10 Thomas Thurman <>
* test/tokentest/tokentest.c (draw_string_to_spec): doubles are
%f or %g, not %d
* test/tokentest/tokentest.ini: re-created fair copy accordingly
2008-06-10 Thomas Thurman <>
* test/tokentest: A preliminary attempt at a test for the
theme expression tokeniser.
2008-06-05 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/compositor/compositor-xrender.c (paint_root, destroy_win,
create_root_buffer, paint_windows, repair_screen, window_has_shadow,
xrender_set_active_window, paint_dock_shadows, unmap_win, restack_win,
make_shadow, resize_win, process_property_notify, free_win,
process_configure_notify, process_circulate_notify, add_damage):
defensive programming; check meta_screen_get_compositor_data()
throughout in case it returns NULL. In particular, when this
happened in a certain situation in xrender_set_active_window
this caused a segfault; refs #530702 (and LP#178953 has more data)
but this doesn't close them.
2008-06-02 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.34 release.
2008-06-02 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c: make sure compositor things don't get
compiled when we're not using the compositor.
2008-06-02 Thomas Thurman <>
* test/metacity-test: new test script, imported from
2008-05-30 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/window-props.h: fix comments (number)
2008-05-30 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/window-props.h: commenting
2008-05-28 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c (handle_preference_update_string,
meta_prefs_remove_listener, queue_changed): Make disabling
gconf work again. Closes #530870.
2008-05-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.34.
2008-05-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.21 release.
2008-05-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ added in two files needed for Iain's
changes earlier to work in a release tarball
2008-05-24 Iain Holmes <>
* src/compositor/compositor-xrender.c: Add Dropdown menu atoms so we
can add shadows to them. Fixes #517442
Handle tooltips as well. Fixes #517524
2008-05-24 Iain Holmes <>
* src/compositor/compositor.c: Check the compositor isn't NULL before
dereferencing it. Fixes #534569
(meta_compositor_get_window_pixmap): Actually return a value
2008-05-19 Iain Holmes <>
* src/core/window.c: Applied patch from Ed Catmur to fix #528787
2008-05-19 Iain Holmes <>
* src/include/frame.h
* src/include/display.h
* src/include/xprops.h
* src/include/compositor.h
* src/include/types.h
* src/include/window.h
* src/include/errors.h
* src/include/screen.h: New basic public API for compositor.
* src/compositor/*: Separate the compositor out into its own separate
directory and set it up for backends. Initial XRender backend.
* src/core/compositor.[ch]: Remove
* src/core/frame.h
* src/core/screen.h
* src/core/display.h
* src/core/window.h: Rename to -private.h so as not to clash with the
new files in include
* src/core/delete.c
* src/core/workspace.h
* src/core/stack.[ch]
* src/core/keybindings.[ch]
* src/core/errors.c
* src/core/effects.[ch]
* src/core/core.c
* src/core/group.h
* src/core/edge-resistance.[ch]
* src/core/window-props.[ch]
* src/core/constraints.h
* src/core/bell.[ch]
* src/core/iconcache.h
* src/core/session.[ch]
* src/core/main.c
* src/core/place.h
* src/core/xprops.c
* src/ui/tabpopup.c: Use the new -private headers
* src/core/display.c
* src/core/frame.c
* src/core/window.c
* src/core/screen.c: Add the API functions required by the compositor
* src/ Relocate the new files
2008-05-13 Robert Escriva <>
* src/ui/theme.h (struct): remove color_set flag
* src/ui/theme.c (meta_color_spec_render,
meta_color_spec_new_from_string): remove check of color_set flag
before rendering (we always do it now). Closes #511826.
2008-05-12 Thomas Thurman <>
* tools/ Basic Python-based Xlib client for testing
and building upon.
2008-05-09 Elijah Newren <newren gmail com>
* src/ui/color.[ch]:
Remove these two unused files
2008-05-04 Thomas Thurman <>
Added curly brackets in two places to keep -pedantic happy.
* src/core/window-props.c (meta_display_init_window_prop_hooks)
* src/core/group-props.c (meta_display_init_group_prop_hooks)
2008-05-03 Matt Krai <>
* src/core/delete.c (io_from_ping_dialog): fix type of "len" variable
(refs #526049)
2008-05-02 Thomas Thurman <>
All information should live in exactly one place. This means
that the list of atoms should not be replicated anywhere.
Therefore, we include it via x-macros. Closes #530843.
* src/core/atomnames.h: added list of atom names
* src/ added reference to new file
* src/core/display.h
* src/core/display.c (twice)
* src/core/screen.c: #included atomnames.h instead of having
an enormous list of atoms
* src/core/group-props.c
* src/core/window.c
* src/core/compositor.c
* src/core/window-props.c
* src/core/delete.c
* src/core/workspace.c
* src/core/stack.c
* src/core/keybindings.c
* src/core/iconcache.c
* src/core/group.c
* src/core/xprops.c: changed to new, simpler identifiers
for atoms
2008-04-29 Chris Wang <>
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_new): XGetWindowAttributes
can return an error value, and if it does its other results
are invalid! (#530485)
2008-04-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/fixedtip.[ch]: documentation
2008-04-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.21.
2008-04-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.13 release.
2008-04-27 Erwann Chenede <>
* src/core/place.c (meta_window_place): re-enable cascade
code which was wrongly removed a year ago. Closes #529925.
2008-04-22 Carlos Garnacho <>
* src/core/compositor.c (process_property_notify,
find_window_in_display): Propagate opacity to frame window.
2008-04-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.13.
2008-04-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.8 release.
2008-04-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.21.8.
(Which was seriously belated. Sorry, folks.)
2008-04-22 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/effects.c: a few comments
2008-04-10 Lucas Rocha <>
* src/ no need to create a symlink to .desktop file in
default-session directory anymore as gnome-session will find
metacity's .desktop in its original place.
2008-04-07 iain <>
* src/core/compositor.c (hide_overlay_window): Hide the overlay window
(meta_compositor_unmanage_screen): Release the compositor overlay.
2008-04-07 Jens Granseuer <>
* src/core/session.c: (save_state),
reorder declarations so we don't break C89 compilers.
2008-04-06 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.5 release.
2008-04-03 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/prefs.c (handle_preference_update_bool): preferences
which have a null target don't get updated! (#526016)
2008-03-29 Lucas Rocha <>
* src/, src/ make Metacity
install its desktop files in the default session directory
as required by the new gnome-session. (Closes #525051.)
2008-03-29 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/preview-widget.c (meta_preview_get_clip_region):
prevent null dereference if the theme was invalid, which
caused crashes in gnome-appearance-properties. No GNOME
bug number, but I believe this is a fix for Launchpad bug
#199402 and its many duplicates.
2008-03-28 Owen Taylor <>
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_new_with_attrs): Don't
immediately unminimize an initially iconic window (#491090)
2008-03-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/session.c (regenerate_save_file, save_state, load_state):
files are saved in ~/.config/metacity/sessions and checked for there
and in ~/.metacity/sessions. Fixes #518596.
2008-03-27 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c (meta_display_close): fix regression
where Metacity sometimes wouldn't quit when replaced
2008-03-26 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c (event_callback): meta_display_screen_for_root
is quite capable of returning NULL.
2008-03-25 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/core/display.c (meta_display_queue_retheme_all_windows,
meta_set_syncing, meta_display_set_cursor_theme, disable_compositor,
meta_display_for_x_display, meta_display_open, meta_display_close,
meta_display_ungrab): MetaDisplay becomes a singleton. The static
variable which holds this singleton is renamed "the_display" so as
not to mask the this parameter in the methods.
* src/core/main.c (main):
* src/core/session.c (warn_about_lame_clients_and_finish_inte,
save_state, io_from_warning_dialog):
* src/core/core.c (meta_core_increment_event_serial):
* src/core/delete.c (release_window_with_fd, search_and_destroy_window):
sympathy changes for this, and consequent simplification.
Closes #499301.
2008-03-21 Thomas Thurman <>
* Post-release bump to 2.23.5.
2008-03-21 Thomas Thurman <>
* NEWS: 2.23.3 release.
2008-03-21 Thomas Thurman <>
* src/ui/menu.c (activate_cb, get_workspace_name_with_accel): Workspaces
whose name is the standard name plus a non-empty string are handled
correctly in menus. Closes #453678.
2008-03-19 Iain Holmes <>
* src/core/compositor.c (meta_compositor_set_active_window): Handle
compositor being disabled and don't crash.
2008-03-19 Iain Holmes <>
* src/core/compositor.c (meta_compositor_set_active_window): Add a
screen argument.
(process_property_notify): Damage the whole screen when the background
changes. Fixes 522599
(add_repair): Use the idle instead of the timeout. Fixes 522166
(unmap_win): If the window is also focus window NULLify it.
* src/core/window.c (meta_window_notify_focus): Notify when a window
has lost focus, pass in screen as well.
2008-03-18 Iain Holmes <>