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  Clement Lefebvre aa72e7e232 l10n: Update POT file 4 years ago
  JosephMcc ce59112fd1 Minimap (#175) 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 97e1b0a9ec xed-view: Fix a crash when right clicking the left gutter (#166) 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 54a8c6c616 Don't present users with the hidden highlight languages (#167) 4 years ago
  Gavin D. Howard 1f85332906 Make the trailsave plugin also strip trailing lines (#135) 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 9376dc72da text zoom: Put a limit on the min and max zoom (#137) 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 87eb14e9dc l10n: Update POT file 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 6338c3e6af translations: Add the textsize plugin to POTFILES.in (#151) 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre b55ddb2fd2 1.4.6 4 years ago
  githpr dbc8b3468b Use correct value to save the window state in gsettings. (#147) 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre b0e72aafa6 1.4.5 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre a48eb78835 Packaging: Remove dependency on libpeas-1.0-0-python3loader in LMDE 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 96bebb994f Create ISSUE_TEMPLATE.md 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 784bdd4dd4 1.4.4 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre bacd06034f l10n: Update translations 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 94d68bfca5 1.4.3 4 years ago
  JosephMcc c306c1b527 filebrowser: Change an icon name (#132) 4 years ago
  Mike Krüger f004e93547 bugfix: ugly white border (gtk 3.20>) (#128) 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre efcaac200a 1.4.2 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 940ff3c7f3 l10n: Update translations 4 years ago
  leigh123linux 2a1372cac3 fix gtksourceprintcompositor.h includes warning (#117) 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre b77f332c7a 1.4.1 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 33da18bda3 l10n: Update translations 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre cca4b0b5c1 Packaging: Change description 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 5a9cce674b Only use gtk_text_view_set_top_margin() with GTK 3.18+ 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 7291231cea Depend on gtksourceview-3.0 >= 3.14.0 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 524b66e059 1.4.0 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 98dfbf6980 Fix "gedit" occurence 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 257740d6b7 Fix po/POTFILES.in and generate POT file 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre ed6eb520b6 Merge pull request #112 from JosephMcc/inhibit-fix1 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 4add4da97a Use GtkApplication inhibit API 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre e9510c99f3 Merge pull request #111 from leigh123linux/fsf_address 4 years ago
  leigh123linux e6d1f2e495 Fix FSF address 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 21e46cc751 Merge pull request #107 from JosephMcc/time-fix1 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 29c744694c Merge pull request #108 from JosephMcc/wayland-fix1 4 years ago
  JosephMcc c6ca2a03da xed-utils: Add runtime checks for x11 specific functions 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 96a50bc803 time-plugin: Use GDateTime 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 3341c0a260 Merge pull request #102 from JosephMcc/animated-panes1 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 932cc3758e xed-commands-view: Clean up code style 4 years ago
  JosephMcc c16232ee20 Add a new animated xed-paned 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 331e0e5824 Merge pull request #100 from JosephMcc/close-focus 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 9c2d06761b Focus a tab when attempting to close it with unsaved changes 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 99a730fa9c Merge pull request #89 from JosephMcc/filebrowser-3 4 years ago
  Clement Lefebvre 65afa345d4 Merge pull request #92 from JosephMcc/app-startup 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 12ecdf380d Merge pull request #93 from JosephMcc/build-vars 4 years ago
  JosephMcc ce92a1a316 debian: Add dependency on libpeas-1.0-0-python3loader 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 57a3daf2d5 Allow building with --disable-spell 4 years ago
  JosephMcc 9b704374c7 Fix calling set_command_line_wait() 4 years ago
  JosephMcc ce936c567e Actually fix the python dependency 4 years ago
  JosephMcc d2892eda2d build: Fix the python3 dependency 4 years ago