3 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
JosephMcc 2ddd92171c build: Clean up a bit more of the gtk2 and --enable-python leftovers 5 years ago
JosephMcc cab79801ca plugins: Drop support for old style python plugins 5 years ago
Clement Lefebvre 16eacdc3f4 Renamed Xedit -> Xed (avoid name clash with x11-apps's xedit) 6 years ago
Clement Lefebvre 4304f9ffc1 Rename Pluma to Xedit 6 years ago
monsta 6ee8c7a1ab bugreport script: bring back active plugins listing 6 years ago
Stefano Karapetsas c3ebc88709 Add GSettings schema 9 years ago
Stefano Karapetsas 0b694f0d10 update for 1.2 release and fix executable bits 10 years ago
Perberos 421415f7cb using ./config/ instead of ./mate2/ 10 years ago
Perberos 5ded9cba85 renaming from gedit to pluma 10 years ago
Perberos 528c1e5ff5 initial 10 years ago