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  1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
  2. <schemalist>
  3. <enum id="org.x.editor.WrapMode">
  4. <value nick="none" value="0"/>
  5. <value nick="char" value="1"/>
  6. <value nick="word" value="2"/>
  7. <value nick="word-char" value="3"/>
  8. </enum>
  9. <enum id="org.x.editor.SmartHomeEnd">
  10. <value nick="disabled" value="0"/>
  11. <value nick="before" value="1"/>
  12. <value nick="after" value="2"/>
  13. <value nick="always" value="3"/>
  14. </enum>
  15. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor" path="/org/x/editor/">
  16. <child name="preferences" schema="org.x.editor.preferences"/>
  17. <child name="state" schema="org.x.editor.state"/>
  18. <child name="plugins" schema="org.x.editor.plugins"/>
  19. </schema>
  20. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.preferences" path="/org/x/editor/preferences/">
  21. <child name="editor" schema="org.x.editor.preferences.editor"/>
  22. <child name="ui" schema="org.x.editor.preferences.ui"/>
  23. <child name="print" schema="org.x.editor.preferences.print"/>
  24. <child name="encodings" schema="org.x.editor.preferences.encodings"/>
  25. </schema>
  26. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.preferences.editor" path="/org/x/editor/preferences/editor/">
  27. <key name="use-default-font" type="b">
  28. <default>true</default>
  29. <summary>Use Default Font</summary>
  30. <description>Whether to use the system's default fixed width font for editing text instead of a font specific to xed. If this option is turned off, then the font named in the "Editor Font" option will be used instead of the system font.</description>
  31. </key>
  32. <key name="editor-font" type="s">
  33. <default context="editor-font" l10n="messages">'Monospace 12'</default>
  34. <summary>Editor Font</summary>
  35. <description>A custom font that will be used for the editing area. This will only take effect if the "Use Default Font" option is turned off.</description>
  36. </key>
  37. <key name="prefer-dark-theme" type="b">
  38. <default>false</default>
  39. <summary>Prefer Dark Theme</summary>
  40. <description>Whether xed should prefer the dark variation of the current Gtk theme if available.</description>
  41. </key>
  42. <key name="scheme" type="s">
  43. <default>'tango'</default>
  44. <summary>Style Scheme</summary>
  45. <description>The ID of a GtkSourceView Style Scheme used to color the text.</description>
  46. </key>
  47. <key name="create-backup-copy" type="b">
  48. <default>false</default>
  49. <summary>Create Backup Copies</summary>
  50. <description>Whether xed should create backup copies for the files it saves. You can set the backup file extension with the "Backup Copy Extension" option.</description>
  51. </key>
  52. <key name="auto-save" type="b">
  53. <default>false</default>
  54. <summary>Autosave</summary>
  55. <description>Whether xed should automatically save modified files after a time interval. You can set the time interval with the "Autosave Interval" option.</description>
  56. </key>
  57. <key name="auto-save-interval" type="u">
  58. <default>10</default>
  59. <summary>Autosave Interval</summary>
  60. <description>Number of minutes after which xed will automatically save modified files. This will only take effect if the "Autosave" option is turned on.</description>
  61. </key>
  62. <key name="writable-vfs-schemes" type="as">
  63. <default>[ 'dav', 'davs', 'ftp', 'sftp', 'smb', 'ssh' ]</default>
  64. <summary>Writable VFS schemes</summary>
  65. <description>List of VFS schemes xed supports in write mode. The 'file' scheme is writable by default.</description>
  66. </key>
  67. <key name="max-undo-actions" type="i">
  68. <default>2000</default>
  69. <summary>Maximum Number of Undo Actions</summary>
  70. <description>Maximum number of actions that xed will be able to undo or redo. Use "-1" for unlimited number of actions.</description>
  71. </key>
  72. <key name="wrap-mode" enum="org.x.editor.WrapMode">
  73. <default>'word'</default>
  74. <summary>Line Wrapping Mode</summary>
  75. <description>Specifies how to wrap long lines in the editing area. Use "none" for no wrapping, "word" for wrapping at word boundaries, and "char" for wrapping at individual character boundaries. Note that the values are case-sensitive, so make sure they appear exactly as mentioned here.</description>
  76. </key>
  77. <key name="tabs-size" type="u">
  78. <default>4</default>
  79. <summary>Tab Size</summary>
  80. <description>Specifies the number of spaces that should be displayed instead of Tab characters.</description>
  81. </key>
  82. <key name="insert-spaces" type="b">
  83. <default>true</default>
  84. <summary>Insert spaces</summary>
  85. <description>Whether xed should insert spaces instead of tabs.</description>
  86. </key>
  87. <key name="auto-indent" type="b">
  88. <default>false</default>
  89. <summary>Automatic indent</summary>
  90. <description>Whether xed should enable automatic indentation.</description>
  91. </key>
  92. <key name="display-line-numbers" type="b">
  93. <default>false</default>
  94. <summary>Display Line Numbers</summary>
  95. <description>Whether xed should display line numbers in the editing area.</description>
  96. </key>
  97. <key name="highlight-current-line" type="b">
  98. <default>false</default>
  99. <summary>Highlight Current Line</summary>
  100. <description>Whether xed should highlight the current line.</description>
  101. </key>
  102. <key name="bracket-matching" type="b">
  103. <default>false</default>
  104. <summary>Highlight Matching Bracket</summary>
  105. <description>Whether xed should highlight the bracket matching the selected one.</description>
  106. </key>
  107. <key name="display-right-margin" type="b">
  108. <default>false</default>
  109. <summary>Display Right Margin</summary>
  110. <description>Whether xed should display the right margin in the editing area.</description>
  111. </key>
  112. <key name="right-margin-position" type="u">
  113. <default>120</default>
  114. <summary>Right Margin Position</summary>
  115. <description>Specifies the position of the right margin.</description>
  116. </key>
  117. <key name="smart-home-end" enum="org.x.editor.SmartHomeEnd">
  118. <default>'after'</default>
  119. <summary>Smart Home End</summary>
  120. <description>Specifies how the cursor moves when the HOME and END keys are pressed. Use "disabled" to always move at the start/end of the line, "after" to move to the start/end of the line the first time the keys are pressed and to the start/end of the text ignoring whitespaces the second time the keys are pressed, "before" to move to the start/end of the text before moving to the start/end of the line and "always" to always move to the start/end of the text instead of the start/end of the line.</description>
  121. </key>
  122. <key name="restore-cursor-position" type="b">
  123. <default>true</default>
  124. <summary>Restore Previous Cursor Position</summary>
  125. <description>Whether xed should restore the previous cursor position when a file is loaded.</description>
  126. </key>
  127. <key name="search-highlighting" type="b">
  128. <default>true</default>
  129. <summary>Enable Search Highlighting</summary>
  130. <description>Whether xed should highlight all the occurrences of the searched text.</description>
  131. </key>
  132. <key name="syntax-highlighting" type="b">
  133. <default>true</default>
  134. <summary>Enable Syntax Highlighting</summary>
  135. <description>Whether xed should enable syntax highlighting.</description>
  136. </key>
  137. <key name="ensure-trailing-newline" type="b">
  138. <default>true</default>
  139. <summary>Ensure Trailing Newline</summary>
  140. <description>Whether xed will ensure that documents always end with a trailing newline.</description>
  141. </key>
  142. </schema>
  143. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.preferences.ui" path="/org/x/editor/preferences/ui/">
  144. <key name="toolbar-visible" type="b">
  145. <default>true</default>
  146. <summary>Toolbar is Visible</summary>
  147. <description>Whether the toolbar should be visible in editing windows.</description>
  148. </key>
  149. <key name="statusbar-visible" type="b">
  150. <default>true</default>
  151. <summary>Status Bar is Visible</summary>
  152. <description>Whether the status bar at the bottom of editing windows should be visible.</description>
  153. </key>
  154. <key name="side-panel-visible" type="b">
  155. <default>false</default>
  156. <summary>Side Pane is Visible</summary>
  157. <description>Whether the side pane at the left of editing windows should be visible.</description>
  158. </key>
  159. <key name="bottom-panel-visible" type="b">
  160. <default>false</default>
  161. <summary>Bottom Panel is Visible</summary>
  162. <description>Whether the bottom panel at the bottom of editing windows should be visible.</description>
  163. </key>
  164. <key name="enable-tab-scrolling" type="b">
  165. <default>true</default>
  166. <summary>Allow changing active tabs by scrolling</summary>
  167. <description>Whether you can change active tabs by scrolling.</description>
  168. </key>
  169. <key name="minimap-visible" type="b">
  170. <default>false</default>
  171. <summary>Minimap is visible</summary>
  172. <description>Whether the minimap for the document should be visible.</description>
  173. </key>
  174. <key name="max-recents" type="u">
  175. <default>5</default>
  176. <summary>Maximum Recent Files</summary>
  177. <description>Specifies the maximum number of recently opened files that will be displayed in the "Recent Files" submenu.</description>
  178. </key>
  179. </schema>
  180. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.preferences.print" path="/org/x/editor/preferences/print/">
  181. <key name="print-syntax-highlighting" type="b">
  182. <default>true</default>
  183. <summary>Print Syntax Highlighting</summary>
  184. <description>Whether xed should print syntax highlighting when printing documents.</description>
  185. </key>
  186. <key name="print-header" type="b">
  187. <default>true</default>
  188. <summary>Print Header</summary>
  189. <description>Whether xed should include a document header when printing documents.</description>
  190. </key>
  191. <key name="print-wrap-mode" enum="org.x.editor.WrapMode">
  192. <default>'word'</default>
  193. <summary>Printing Line Wrapping Mode</summary>
  194. <description>Specifies how to wrap long lines for printing. Use "none" for no wrapping, "word" for wrapping at word boundaries, and "char" for wrapping at individual character boundaries. Note that the values are case-sensitive, so make sure they appear exactly as mentioned here.</description>
  195. </key>
  196. <key name="print-line-numbers" type="u">
  197. <default>0</default>
  198. <summary>Print Line Numbers</summary>
  199. <description>If this value is 0, then no line numbers will be inserted when printing a document. Otherwise, xed will print line numbers every such number of lines.</description>
  200. </key>
  201. <key name="print-font-body-pango" type="s">
  202. <default context="print-font-body-pango" l10n="messages">'Monospace 9'</default>
  203. <summary>Body Font for Printing</summary>
  204. <description>Specifies the font to use for a document's body when printing documents.</description>
  205. </key>
  206. <key name="print-font-header-pango" type="s">
  207. <default context="print-font-header-pango" l10n="messages">'Sans 11'</default>
  208. <summary>Header Font for Printing</summary>
  209. <description>Specifies the font to use for page headers when printing a document. This will only take effect if the "Print Header" option is turned on.</description>
  210. </key>
  211. <key name="print-font-numbers-pango" type="s">
  212. <default context="print-font-numbers-pango" l10n="messages">'Sans 8'</default>
  213. <summary>Line Number Font for Printing</summary>
  214. <description>Specifies the font to use for line numbers when printing. This will only take effect if the "Print Line Numbers" option is non-zero.</description>
  215. </key>
  216. </schema>
  217. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.preferences.encodings" path="/org/x/editor/preferences/encodings/">
  218. <key name="auto-detected" type="as">
  219. <default context="auto-detected" l10n="messages">[ 'UTF-8', 'CURRENT', 'ISO-8859-15', 'UTF-16' ]</default>
  220. <summary>Automatically Detected Encodings</summary>
  221. <description>Sorted list of encodings used by xed for automatically detecting the encoding of a file. "CURRENT" represents the current locale encoding. Only recognized encodings are used.</description>
  222. </key>
  223. <key name="shown-in-menu" type="as">
  224. <default context="shown-in-menu" l10n="messages">[ 'ISO-8859-15' ]</default>
  225. <summary>Encodings shown in menu</summary>
  226. <description>List of encodings shown in the Character Encoding menu in open/save file selector. Only recognized encodings are used.</description>
  227. </key>
  228. </schema>
  229. <schema id="org.x.editor.state" path="/org/x/editor/state/">
  230. <child name="window" schema="org.x.editor.state.window"/>
  231. <child name="file-filter" schema="org.x.editor.state.file-filter"/>
  232. <child name="history-entry" schema="org.x.editor.state.history-entry"/>
  233. </schema>
  234. <schema id="org.x.editor.state.window" path="/org/x/editor/state/window/">
  235. <key name="state" type="i">
  236. <default>0</default>
  237. </key>
  238. <key name="size" type="(ii)">
  239. <default>(650,500)</default>
  240. </key>
  241. <key name="side-panel-size" type="i">
  242. <default>200</default>
  243. </key>
  244. <key name="side-panel-active-page" type="i">
  245. <default>0</default>
  246. </key>
  247. <key name="bottom-panel-size" type="i">
  248. <default>140</default>
  249. </key>
  250. <key name="bottom-panel-active-page" type="i">
  251. <default>0</default>
  252. </key>
  253. </schema>
  254. <schema id="org.x.editor.state.file-filter" path="/org/x/editor/state/file-filter/">
  255. <key name="filter-id" type="i">
  256. <default>0</default>
  257. </key>
  258. </schema>
  259. <schema id="org.x.editor.state.history-entry" path="/org/x/editor/state/history-entry/">
  260. <key name="history-search-for" type="as">
  261. <default>[]</default>
  262. <summary>History for "search for" entries</summary>
  263. <description>List of entries in "search for" textbox.</description>
  264. </key>
  265. <key name="history-replace-with" type="as">
  266. <default>[]</default>
  267. <summary>History for "replace with" entries</summary>
  268. <description>List of entries in "replace with" textbox.</description>
  269. </key>
  270. </schema>
  271. <schema gettext-domain="@GETTEXT_PACKAGE@" id="org.x.editor.plugins" path="/org/x/editor/plugins/">
  272. <key name="active-plugins" type="as">
  273. <default>[ 'docinfo', 'modelines', 'filebrowser', 'spell', 'time' ]</default>
  274. <summary>Active plugins</summary>
  275. <description>List of active plugins. It contains the "Location" of the active plugins. See the .xed-plugin file for obtaining the "Location" of a given plugin.</description>
  276. </key>
  277. </schema>
  278. </schemalist>