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General Information

xplayer is a generic media player.


Hide/Show controls in windowed mode
P, Ctrl+Space:
Escape (in full screen mode):
Switch to windowed mode
Toggle full screen
0/½, 1, 2:
Zoom respectively to 50%, 100% and 200% of the video's original size
Left arrow:
Go back 15 seconds
Right arrow:
Go forward 60 seconds
Shift+Left arrow:
Go back 5 seconds
Shift+Right arrow:
Go forward 15 seconds
Ctrl+Left arrow:
Go back 3 minutes
Ctrl+Right arrow:
Go forward 10 minutes
Up Arrow:
Increase the volume by 8%
Down Arrow:
Decrease the volume by 8%
Keypad Up / Keypad 8:
DVD Action Up
Keypad Down / Keypad 2:
DVD Action Down
Keypad Left / Keypad 4:
DVD Action Left
Keypad Right / Keypad 6:
DVD Action Right
B, Alt+Left arrow, Minus key:
Previous stream (Back)
N, Alt+Right arrow, Plus key:
Next stream (Next)
Ctrl+R, Ctrl+T:
Zoom in and zoom out, respectively
Reset the zoom level
Show the "Skip to" dialog
Toggle drawing using Gromit
Erase drawing using Gromit
Mouse button 1 double-click:
Toggle full screen
Middle mouse button click:


UI help by Seth Nickell <>

Automatic GStreamer codec installation (optional)
- requires GStreamer core and gst-plugins-base >= 0.10.12
- calls (via GStreamer) a predefined external helper script (which is to be
installed by the distro and can be defined via gst-plugins-base's configure
script when building gst-plugins-base) with details of missing GStreamer
plugins. See
for more information on how this all works together.


To get a better debug output, run:
# xplayer --debug

Or for the stand-alone applications:
# gsettings set org.x.player debug true
then run your application and capture its output