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    * Sync unstable into experimental · 0614eb25
    Simon McVittie authored
    * debian/dbus.postrm
      - Add missing whitespace before ']'.
    * New upstream release.
    * Switch patch management system to quilt.
    * Refresh and update patches.
    * Remove debian/patches/20-dbus-alpha-unaligned.patch, fixed upstream.
    * debian/control
      - Drop dependency on debianutils as we no longer require run-parts.
      - Demote dbus-x11 from Recommends to Suggests. (Closes: #479341)
    * debian/libdbus-1-3.symbols
      - Update for API additions.
    * debian/rules
      - Bump shlibs to 1.2.14.
      - Add "-Wl,--as-needed" to LDFLAGS. This way we don't pick up any spurious
        X11 dependencies. (Closes: #499650)
    * debian/dbus.postinst
      - Remove chown call for /var/run/dbus as the init script will take care of
        setting the right permissions anyway. This also ensures that we don't
        fail if /var/run is on tmpfs. (Closes: #508931)
    * Bump Standards-Version to 3.8.1. No longer ship /var/run/dbus in the
      package but let the init script create it.
    * debian/dbus.install
      - Remove /var/run/dbus directory.
    * debian/dbus.postrm
      - Remove /var/run/dbus on purge.
    * New upstream release
    * Merge experimental into unstable
      - Changes in packaging relative to experimental: add myself to
        Uploaders, and suggest libdbus-1-dev instead of nonexistent dbus-1-dev
    * Drop support for /etc/dbus-1/event.d. This interface has long been
      deprecated and all affected Debian packages have been fixed for lenny.
      If your (custom) service needs to be restarted on a dbus restart, add a
      regular sysv init script and "Required-Start: dbus" to the LSB header.
    * debian/control
      - Drop ancient Conflicts/Replaces which are from pre-oldstable (sarge).
      - Bump debhelper Build-Depends to (>= 7).
    * debian/compat
      - Bump to debhelper v7 compat mode.
    * debian/copyright
      - Update AFL license to version 2.1.
      - Make it clear that dbus is released under version 2 of the GPL and refer
        to the versioned GPL-2 file in /usr/share/common-licenses.
    * debian/patches/CVE-2008-4311.patch:
      + Added, Fixes CVE-2008-4311. A mistake in the default configuration for
        the system bus (system.conf) which made the default policy for both sent
        and received messages effectively *allow*, and not deny as intended. This
        patch fixes the send side permissions (Closes: #503532, #508032)
    * Urgency high for the security fix
    * Rename CVE-*.patch to prefix them with a sequence number so it's clear
      what order they should apply in
    * Add 51-CVE-2008-4311-but-allow-signals.patch, cherry-picked from upstream
      git commit d8997344: after fixing CVE-2008-4311, re-allow emitting
    * debian/patches/3[0-4]*.patch, cherry-picked from upstream git (see patches
      for commit IDs): add logging when permission to send a message is denied
    * debian/patches/35-syslog-h.patch: #include <syslog.h> to fix compilation
      with the logging patches applied
    * Add myself to Uploaders
    git-svn-id: svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/pkg-utopia/packages/experimental/dbus@3126 ceb527fc-18e6-0310-9fe2-813c157c29e7
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