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    preinst: partially revert change from 1.8.12-2 · 88afb46f
    Simon McVittie authored
    * preinst: partially revert change from 1.8.12-2. It seems that the
      preinst is too late to add a useful dpkg-statoverride entry: dpkg has
      already loaded the statoverride database by this point, and if we add
      the entry in the preinst, dpkg-statoverride won't run and have
      its --update side-effect in the postinst. (Closes: #773107, #773838)
    * postinst: don't run dpkg-statoverride with 2>/dev/null: in the unlikely
      event that it fails for a reason other than "not overridden" (which
      results in silently exiting 1), we'll want to know about it.
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