Commit 07f4c12e authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

If loader contains two messages with fds, don't corrupt the second

There were two bugs here: we would previously overwrite the unused
fds with the already-used fds instead of the other way round, and
we would copy n bytes where we should have copied n ints.

Additionally, sending crafted messages in a chosen sequence to a victim
system service could cause an invalid file descriptor to be present
when dbus-daemon tries to forward one of those crafted messages to the
victim, causing sendmsg() to fail with EBADF, which resulted in
disconnecting the victim service, which would likely respond to that
by exiting. This is a denial of service (fd.o #80469, CVE-2014-3533).

Bug: 's avatarAlban Crequy <>
parent 019d1921
......@@ -4204,7 +4204,7 @@ load_message (DBusMessageLoader *loader,
message->n_unix_fds_allocated = message->n_unix_fds = n_unix_fds;
loader->n_unix_fds -= n_unix_fds;
memmove(loader->unix_fds + n_unix_fds, loader->unix_fds, loader->n_unix_fds);
memmove (loader->unix_fds, loader->unix_fds + n_unix_fds, loader->n_unix_fds * sizeof (loader->unix_fds[0]));
message->unix_fds = NULL;
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