Commit c0304107 authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

Try to read /etc/machine-id before inventing a new /var/lib/dbus/machine-id

It's least confusing if the two files have the same contents. systemd
already knows how to pick up our /var/lib/dbus/machine-id if it exists
and /etc/machine-id doesn't, but the converse is not currently true.
We should make it true, so that it doesn't matter what order
systemd-machine-id-setup and "dbus-uuidgen --ensure" were
invoked in.

In Debian, systemd currently Recommends dbus, so "dbus-uuidgen --ensure"
will *usually* - but not always! - run first, and the two files will
match. However, if you install systemd without dbus, and then install
dbus later, there will be a mismatch. With this change, it doesn't
matter which one is installed first: whichever one happens to come
first, it will generate the machine ID, and then the other one will
copy it.

Reviewed-by: Lennart Poettering
parent cdb89915
......@@ -3579,7 +3579,7 @@ _dbus_read_local_machine_uuid (DBusGUID *machine_id,
_dbus_string_init_const (&filename, DBUS_MACHINE_UUID_FILE);
b = _dbus_read_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, create_if_not_found, error);
b = _dbus_read_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, FALSE, error);
if (b)
return TRUE;
......@@ -3587,7 +3587,26 @@ _dbus_read_local_machine_uuid (DBusGUID *machine_id,
/* Fallback to the system machine ID */
_dbus_string_init_const (&filename, "/etc/machine-id");
return _dbus_read_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, FALSE, error);
b = _dbus_read_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, FALSE, error);
if (b)
/* try to copy it to the DBUS_MACHINE_UUID_FILE, but do not
* complain if that isn't possible for whatever reason */
_dbus_string_init_const (&filename, DBUS_MACHINE_UUID_FILE);
_dbus_write_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, NULL);
return TRUE;
if (!create_if_not_found)
return FALSE;
/* if none found, try to make a new one */
dbus_error_free (error);
_dbus_string_init_const (&filename, DBUS_MACHINE_UUID_FILE);
_dbus_generate_uuid (machine_id);
return _dbus_write_uuid_file (&filename, machine_id, error);
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