Commit db80dcb6 authored by Chengwei Yang's avatar Chengwei Yang Committed by Simon McVittie

Fix build failure if build with "--enable-stats"

Bug: 's avatarChengwei Yang <>
Reviewed-by: 's avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent e1837696
......@@ -203,8 +203,9 @@ bus_stats_handle_get_stats (DBusConnection *connection,
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "Serial", stats_serial++))
goto oom;
if (!_dbus_list_get_stats (&in_use, &in_free_list, &allocated) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolUsedBytes", in_use) ||
_dbus_list_get_stats (&in_use, &in_free_list, &allocated);
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolUsedBytes", in_use) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolCachedBytes",
in_free_list) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolAllocatedBytes",
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