Commit f69ac31d authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

Add an initial round of stats to the Stats interface

Reviewed-by: 's avatarCosimo Alfarano <>
parent fce1f6b5
......@@ -187,6 +187,7 @@ bus_stats_handle_get_stats (DBusConnection *connection,
DBusMessage *reply = NULL;
DBusMessageIter iter, arr_iter;
static dbus_uint32_t stats_serial = 0;
dbus_uint32_t in_use, in_free_list, allocated;
......@@ -197,9 +198,41 @@ bus_stats_handle_get_stats (DBusConnection *connection,
if (reply == NULL)
goto oom;
/* Globals */
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "Serial", stats_serial++))
goto oom;
_dbus_list_get_stats (&in_use, &in_free_list, &allocated);
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolUsedBytes", in_use) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolCachedBytes",
in_free_list) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ListMemPoolAllocatedBytes",
goto oom;
/* Connections */
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "ActiveConnections",
bus_connections_get_n_active (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "IncompleteConnections",
bus_connections_get_n_incomplete (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "MatchRules",
bus_connections_get_total_match_rules (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakMatchRules",
bus_connections_get_peak_match_rules (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakMatchRulesPerConnection",
bus_connections_get_peak_match_rules_per_conn (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "BusNames",
bus_connections_get_total_bus_names (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakBusNames",
bus_connections_get_peak_bus_names (connections)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakBusNamesPerConnection",
bus_connections_get_peak_bus_names_per_conn (connections)))
goto oom;
/* end */
if (!close_asv_reply (&iter, &arr_iter))
goto oom;
......@@ -261,11 +294,37 @@ bus_stats_handle_get_connection_stats (DBusConnection *caller_connection,
if (reply == NULL)
goto oom;
/* Bus daemon per-connection stats */
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "Serial", stats_serial++) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "MatchRules",
bus_connection_get_n_match_rules (stats_connection)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakMatchRules",
bus_connection_get_peak_match_rules (stats_connection)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "BusNames",
bus_connection_get_n_services_owned (stats_connection)) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "PeakBusNames",
bus_connection_get_peak_bus_names (stats_connection)) ||
!asv_add_string (&iter, &arr_iter, "UniqueName",
bus_connection_get_name (stats_connection)))
goto oom;
/* DBusConnection per-connection stats */
_dbus_connection_get_stats (stats_connection,
&in_messages, &in_bytes, &in_fds,
&out_messages, &out_bytes, &out_fds);
if (!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "IncomingMessages", in_messages) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "IncomingBytes", in_bytes) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "IncomingFDs", in_fds) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "OutgoingMessages", out_messages) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "OutgoingBytes", out_bytes) ||
!asv_add_uint32 (&iter, &arr_iter, "OutgoingFDs", out_fds))
goto oom;
/* end */
if (!close_asv_reply (&iter, &arr_iter))
goto oom;
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