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Unofficial Devuan Live Minimal ISO images

The project aims at creating a set of minimal Devuan Live images with small disk and memory footprint, which can be put in a usb key or in a cdrom. The images provides the user with a minimal yet fully functional console-based environment, consisting of a base system plus several programs for personal productivity, including:

  • Shells: bash, dash, zsh

  • Administration: gdisk, htop, iftop, iotop, ncdu, parted, wavemon, wireless-tools, wpasupplicant

  • Editors: nano, vi (vim-tiny), emacs (zile)

  • Networking: bittornado, curl, fetchmail, ftp, irssi, links2, mcabber, minicom, mosh, msmtp, mutt, netcat, nrss, openssh-client, openssh-server, procmail, rsync, telnet, tin, w3m, wget

  • Personal_productivity: abook, aspell, clex, fbi/fbgs, fbterm, ghostscript, gpg, mc, screen, tmux

  • Programming_languages: ANSI C (tcc), perl (minimal), python (minimal), awk (gawk), guile

  • Games: bastet, bombardier, bsdgames, cavezofphear, crawl, curseofwar, empire, freesweep, gnuchess, greed, matanza, moria, nethack, ninvaders, omega-rpg, pacman4console, pente, sudoku

  • Accessibility: beep, brltty, espeak, espeakup, yasr

  • Multimedia: caca-utils, hasciicam, imagemagick, jhead, moc, radio, sox

  • Miscellanea: cmatrix, cowsay, figlet, fortune-mod, gpm, termsaver, toilet

Ready-to-burn images are available for i386 and amd64, and can be downloaded at:

The images contain about 500 packages in total, have a disk footprint of just 256MB, and require al little as 64 MB of RAM (i386) or 74 MB of RAM (amd64).