Xenguy's very unofficial web site notes.
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Xenguy's very unofficial web site notes.

Table of Contents


Torrent files

No web pages need to be modified when the torrent file changes, as the URL remains the same.

Torrent files can be generated with mktorrent on the CLI (needs to be tested), e.g.:

  • mktorrent -v -a udp://tracker0.url,udp://tracker1.url,udp://tracker2.url -o devuan_beowulf.torrent directory_name

In practice, there is a Makefile on files.d.o that will generate a new torrent file. For magnet file generation, see section below.

Magnet URLs are generated from torrent files. Most bittorrent (BT) clients can accomplish this in the GUI. For those who like command-line (CLI) methods, the transmission-show command (part of the transmission-cli package) will output a magnet URL to standard out, e.g.:

  • transmission-show -m devuan_beowulf.torrent

Update these pages

When magnet strings are updated, edit these files accordingly:

  • get-devuan.html
  • os/announce/beowulf-stable-announce-060120.html


rrq's Devuan ISO installer documentation: https://git.devuan.org/devuan/installer-iso/src/branch/master/docs



  • Spacemacs/Magit
    • Fantastic, the best!
  • Tig
    • Ncurses git repo browser, and a bit more; decent, mostly complete, while Magit is fully complete.

Help Mr. Wizard!

Warning: These are non-reversable actions that modify remote repos (i.e. delete commits that are now pushed to a remote repo). If others have cloned the repo, they will likely be pissed off that you caused them problems by doing this : -)

Delete the last remote commit:

  • git push origin +dd61ab32^:master <-- where that is the top commit to remove.
  • Or: git reset HEAD^ --hard THEN `git push origin -f``

Delete the second last remote commit:

  • git rebase -i dd61ab32^ <-- where this is the bad commit.
  • Text editor opens; delete the line of the above commit, and save/close the file.
  • git push origin -f <-- Deletes second last commit from remote origin/master repo.


The utility 'tidy' is able to indent HTML code, but I have so far not found a way to ensure that it does only that. For example, when I used the following command-line (CLI) invocation to indent all HTML files on the web site, Tidy also removed the instances of empty <span> tags on all the pages, which it had no business doing whatsoever:

  • for i in $(find . -iname "*html"); do tidy --show-errors 0 --show-body-only auto -qim -w 0 $i; done
  • This recursively re-indents all HTML files in place. Obviously it requires the 'tidy' utility to be installed.

I used the following steps to workaround Tidy's bad behavior:

  1. Verify whether there are any current files containing string >&nbsp;</span>:
  • for i in $(find . -iname "*.html"); do grep -il '>&nbsp;</span' $i; done | wc -l
  • Expected result is zero such instances found.
  1. Count the number of web site files currently containing string ></span>:
  • for i in $(find . -iname "*.html"); do grep -il '></span' $i; done | wc -l
  • Expected result is (currently) 86 files, i.e. all web site HTML files.
  1. Open all web site HTML files with the Vim text editor:
  • find . -iname "*html" -exec vim -c "set nobackup" {} \+
  • Issue the following command in Vim to insert, in all files, the string &nbsp; inside all currently empty <span> tags:
    • :bufdo %s!></span>!>\&nbsp;</span>!g
  • Save all files and exit Vim:
    • :wa
    • :qa
  1. Now that the <span> tags are no longer empty, Tidy can be safely invoked to reindent the HTML code of all web site HTML files:
  • for i in $(find . -iname "*html"); do tidy --show-errors 0 --show-body-only auto -qim -w 0 $i; done
  1. Open all web site HTML files again with the Vim text editor:
  • find . -iname "*html" -exec vim -c "set nobackup" {} \+
  • Issue the following command in Vim to remove, in all HTML files, the string &nbsp; currently inside some <span> tags:
    • :bufdo %s!>&nbsp;</span>!></span>!g
  • Save all files and exit Vim:
    • :wa
    • :qa
  1. Finally, verify that all strings >&nbsp;</span have been removed from all site HTML files:
  • for i in $(find . -iname "*.html"); do grep -il '>&nbsp;</span' $i; done | wc -l
  • Expected result is zero such instances found.

For indenting the file you are currently editing:

  • If you use the Vim editor:
    • :%!tidy --show-errors 0 --show-body-only auto -qi -w 0
    • But remember the issue above with Tidy deleting empty <span> tags : -)


The Devuan web site


404 page


Conclusion: Linkchecker wins, unless proven to provide wrong or incomplete results in future. Also it can be supplemented/supported by use of the W3C online link checking tool.

1. linkchecker

  • Seems very fast (e.g. checks the whole site in just under 2 minutes)
  • Easy to use, at the command-line.
  • Has a GUI named 'linkchecker-gui' (probably won't try this, so can't report back)

Edit: linkchecker turns out to be harder to use than expected, e.g.:

  • So far unable to wrangle linkchecker to check just one single page.
  • Example command line invocations:
    • linkchecker -v -r1 --check-extern --ignore-url=/gitlab-issues https://beta.devuan.org/get-devuan.html | tee /tmp/linkchecker.txt
      • Was trying to check only this single page, but linkchecker checks the whole site as far as I can tell.
  • So, this is a work in progress, and I am wondering about perhaps choosing the W3C online link checking tool as the default method...
  • Free online linkchecking service.
  • Need to specify recursion depth (e.g. '7' levels)
  • Checks more than just links.
    • e.g. Checks for duplicate 'id="foo"'
  • Very verbose output; haven't tried checking the 'Summary' option...
  • Takes about 10 minutes to run the site (so, slower than 'linkchecker' above [2 minutes vs. 10 minutes])

3. Tested, but dropped

  • linklint
  • checkbot
  • webcheck
    • The most promising of this lot, but didn't seem to want to process our web site, for reasons unknown.



Note that according to rrq, "package mirrors and installation iso mirrors are different collections".

One canonical list of package mirrors is located here: https://pkgmaster.devuan.org/mirror_list.txt

This page monitors the health of a certain category of mirrors: http://borta.devuan.dev/apt-panopticon/results/Report-web.html

Standard pattern for testing a new mirror:

  1. links https://repo.ifca.es/devuan-cd/
  2. links http://repo.ifca.es/devuan-cd/
  3. links ftp://repo.ifca.es/devuan-cd/
  4. rsync -avzPh repo.ifca.es::devuan-cd/devuan_ascii .

One can check whether a domain uses an IPv6 address with 'dig':

  • dig repo.ifca.es AAAA

but trying an IPv6 address/URL does not work on my network currently:

  • elinks http://[2001:720:1c14::ffff:c192:4b5d]/

so check with onefang, who seems able to verify IPv6 functionality.

Style Guide

Closing Void Tags

In short, HTML5 will accept either, for example, <br> or <br />. The most important point is probably to just pick one, and then be consistent. The site already uses mainly <br>, so we will continue to use that form, and the same for the <img> tag, etc.


Point Releases

Files that need to change '3.0' to '3.1'

Files to be touched

  • Magnet URL to be regenerated once new torrent file is created.
  • Test new torrent file and magnet URL.
  • New Beowulf point release announce page:
    • Keep or remove ARM 'torrents to come' sentence?
  • Need to recover lost commit that updates installation image to include Runit.

Lessons learned

  • Always link check any new or modified links on above pages before pushing to Live.
  • Creating a separate local 'point-release-x.x' branch works well, however, for changes to be reviewed by others on the Dev server, this branch needs to be merged with the main branch first.
  • For the new page that needs to be created, work with the usual suspects to revise necessary content on that page.

New Releases

Files to be touched

www repo
  • https://beta.devuan.org/index.html
    • Q. Should ASCII be archived?
    • Review: line 79:
      • Plasma41: "It is possible to upgrade from Devuan Beowulf or migrate from Debian Bullseye, Stretch or Jessie to Devuan Chimaera." I don't we should be indicating that it's a simple migration to go directly from Stretch or Jessie to Chimaera. As far as I know, it's not. Buster to Chimaera should work.
    • There is an 'announce' document linked to from this page: /os/announce/chimaera-release-announce-2021-10-04
      • Q. Where is this document in git?
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/index.html
    • Review: line 69. Verify release date.
    • Review: line 74. Verify kernel version.
    • Review: line 78. Verify init systems supported.
    • Note: Section 'Supported Architectures', are these the same as Beowulf?
    • Note: Section 'Desktop Environments', are these the same as Beowulf?
    • Note: Section 'Available images', sizes will need to be checked and updated.
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/releases.html
    • Review: line 75: is ASCII to be archived?
    • Review: line 81.
    • Review: line 101.
    • Review: line 103.
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/packages.html
    • See section 'Primary Signing Keys': still up-to-date?
    • Should 'ASCII' be moved to state 'archived', like Jessie?
    • Should 'Jessie' be removed from web page, or ...?
    • Tor access needs to be updated, and tested?
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/install.html
    • See: Devuan Beowulf Release Notes detail important changes between the previous and current release.
      • Need to verify that link to Release Notes works (currently it is 404).
    • 'git store' link on last line wants login credentials; should make link more generic.
    • See 'Upgrade or Migrate to Beowulf' section: ? Q. Does this need to be cloned to a similar Chimaera section? ? A. Yes.
      • Review: line 83.
      • Review: line 88.
      • Same question for section 'Install Beowulf (with screenshots)'...
    • Need to create new document 'Install Chimaera (with screenshots)'
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/explore.html
    • URL date needs to be finalized: See '4.0.0 Chimaera Stable Announcement'
    • Need to create new page '/os/announce/chimaera-stable-announce-2021-08-??'
    • Section 'Install': Need to create new linked bullet 'Upgrade or Migrate to Chimaera'
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/filenaming.html
    • See last sentence filename reference.
  • https://beta.devuan.org/os/documentation/index.html
    • Section 'Upgrade or Migrate to Beowulf': need similar section, for Chimaera.
    • Section 'Install Beowulf (with screenshots)': need similar section, for Chimaera.


Images to update (with new theme color)
  • /ui/img/rounded-square.png
  • /ui/img/if.png
  • /ui/img/devuan-logo.png
CSS files to update (with new theme color)
Main website CSS file:
  • /ui/css/devuan.css
Bug reports, and Popcon (those buggers):
  • /ui/css/debbugs/bugs.css
  • /ui/css/debbugs/buggers.css
  • /ui/css/pkginfo/file-query.css
  • /ui/css/pkginfo/common.css
  • /ui/css/pkginfo/debtree-query.css
  • /ui/css/pkginfo/package-query.css
  • /ui/css/pkginfo/policy-query.css
installer-iso repo

.../README.txt .../README.html [There are others... TBC... ]


  • Need to copy a template file for Chimaera Release Announcement (https://www.devuan.org/os/announce/beowulf-stable-announce-060120) to 'release-docs' directory in 'documentation' repo.
  • New Chimaera SVG image emailed from golinux...
  • https://www.devuan.org/os/announce/beowulf-point-release-announce-021421
    • Revert the recent edit, 'freenode->libera.chat' after Chimaera is officially released. Perhaps that might suffice as a compromise plan? 23:51 plasma41 That would suffice.
  • Arm: (fsr)
    • Link arm-files.devuan.org from the download page.
  • Magnet file temporarily commented out. Need to:
    • Find a more reliable method of generating new magnet URLs.
    • Test in real time to confirm magnet URLs are really working to connect to speedy torrents.
  • buster-to-beowulf documentation needs a disclaimer added:
    • Documentation no longer works seamlessly...
    • If anyone finds a seamless install method, please share with others...
  • https://www.devuan.org/os/packages, add sources.list example: (bgstack15)
  • Finalize linkchecking and repair of broken links
    • Chat with fsmithred about a couple of those use cases (involving 'uboot' ?).
  • get-devuan.html: find out if rsync links are syntactically correct (e.g. '/' vs. '::')
    • Find a simple way to test RSYNC mirrors.
  • Cosmetic changes (mostly just 2-space indentation of the HTML code), all in one pass.: