Project for generic devuan documentation (was devuan-doc)
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Archived docs

devuan project docs

  • These documents contain information of historical interest that set the course for Devuan in the weeks and months following Devuan's announcement of the intention to fork on 2014-11-27. They were mainly written by Franco Lanza, Jaromil and hellekin.

devuan news docs

  • Shortly after the fork, Noel Torres initiated the "Devuan Weekly News", an email summary of important discussions and events in the fork's progress. There were 4 issues in December 2014. Other editors and contributors joined the Devuan News team in 2015 however, the final issue for that year was in June. There were 2 issues in 2016, that were the last published, making a total of 15 issues.

dev1fanboy's wiki and pages

  • Chillfan’s aka dev1fanboy's wiki made its first appearance with the launch of a redesigned prior to the jessie release. At the time it was not integrated into the website structure but instead accessed directly from