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  Aitor 240317c934 required changes for compatibility with Gtk+3 1 day ago
  Aitor 933b96244e Merge https://git.devuan.org/aitor_czr/hopman 1 day ago
  Aitor db78ef6c26 keep active the progress bar during the execution of the eject command until the device has been removed 2 days ago
  Aitor de4dbb8840 Mantain active the progress bar until the device has been removed. 2 days ago
  Aitor 6f75468b57 minor changes 1 week ago
  Aitor 70867b78c7 Fix an error filling the treeview when several devices are plugged in at the same time. 1 week ago
  Aitor 23a46a1a28 Add a comment about the origin of sha25_digest_length 1 week ago
  Aitor d1d1cb6df4 Use inotify for a usb plugin/plugout detector as suggested in the mailing list. 1 week ago
  Aitor cd0623567c Rename icons and other minor changes 1 month ago
  Aitor d6132a0407 Add stdc++fs flag 1 month ago
  Aitor 3a0dc4f353 Improve the removal of devices. 1 month ago
  Aitor 9248464755 new file: README.md 1 month ago
  Aitor 28c9970f47 Syntax improvements, and also add myself as a contributor in the LICENSE file. 1 month ago
  Aitor 3070e0e341 Take the default screen if more than one are available 1 month ago
  Aitor 7f2ac541e0 Fix a typo 1 month ago
  Aitor 26b3ec31d4 Fix a typo 1 month ago
  Aitor c82c8e938c Remove replicated dynamic_cast 1 month ago
  Aitor e9f0514c57 Remove unnecessary function 1 month ago
  Aitor f61c30c1b3 Fixed some segmentation faults 1 month ago
  Aitor f5702ffa7f Fixed a bug related to the size of removed devices 1 month ago
  Aitor 27731574c2 Improve the devices removal process 1 month ago
  Aitor cc4de5116e Implement de eject process 1 month ago
  Aitor 518cb4617a Removede unused variables 1 month ago
  Aitor 7d228ba2e6 Removed superfluous header 1 month ago
  Aitor a4491bf59d Adding the dialog to eject unmounted devices 1 month ago
  Aitor 549c0f59a4 Minor changes labeling the tooltip window 1 month ago
  Aitor 4c0e6d89ab Improve the tooltip window 1 month ago
  Aitor d2ed32b9ba Fixed a mistake setting the uuid of the blknode 1 month ago
  Aitor 3a23d18538 Display a spinner during the device scanning 1 month ago
  Aitor a0d92d0b93 Add an exception when trying to open the X display 1 month ago
  Aitor 2eb4f4119c Set the gravity of the main window depending on the occupied area in the screen 1 month ago
  Aitor b2a779c3e3 Minor changes in main.cpp 1 month ago
  Aitor ea50d8035f Use std::remove(char*) in the destructor of annex 1 month ago
  Aitor 3fb3ef29c7 Minor changes in main.cpp 1 month ago
  Aitor fd35a561ba Remove unused variable 1 month ago
  Aitor 561b055d79 Fix a mistake when handling the value returned by std::future 1 month ago
  Aitor 196f3dae41 kill previous instances of hopman using the SIGUSR1 signal handler 1 month ago
  Aitor 70725dbec5 Add uuid and partuuid to the nodes of the treeview 1 month ago
  Aitor f0d187ba5d Provide an std::future object to kill asynchronous previous instances of hopman. 1 month ago
  Aitor a5454168e4 Add a helper (suid.cpp) for for those commands requering granted permissions (eject, blkid, and the like) 1 month ago
  Aitor 87f254da22 Remove unused variables in the worker thread 1 month ago
  Aitor 2641fd96bb Added unistd.h to annex.cpp 1 month ago
  Aitor 820e90f278 Remove gtkmm.h from svr.cpp 1 month ago
  Aitor eb8a6701d8 Removed superfluous headers related to X11 and libxdo not used ultimately. 1 month ago
  Aitor ccdf847826 Adding the gtkmm-2.4 interface together with cmake, in addition to the already existent gtk2 gui (developed by Didier). 1 month ago
  Aitor 60cc62a49d Added stat_usb to read usb properties 1 month ago
  Aitor 883aaed239 Added watch/common.* files, taken from the helpers of vdev 1 month ago
  Aitor 1135452953 Moved hopman.h to common/ 1 month ago
  Aitor 3fb2f769c4 Cloned from Didier Kryn's repository. 1 month ago