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# Iceweasel-UXP
is a browser application built on the Unified XUL Platform, which intends to preserve
the look and feel of Aurora. It's a re-branding of [Basilisk](
by Moonchild Productions, at the same a hard fork from the Mozilla code repository
(mozilla-central) with an SR-52 fork point, preserving the original code base prior
to Firefox 60's drastic web-engine changes.
Unlike previous [Iceweasel](
versions, Iceweasel-UXP is not just a rebranding of Firefox. It contains a new browser
engine and has it's own codebase with support for modern web application technologies
as well as legacy addons, in the spirit of cultural freedom and privacy.
## Current Progress
* Implement overrides for chrome pages: aboutRights, aboutCredits, etc. :heavy_check_mark:
* Restore original Iceweasel branding. :heavy_check_mark:
* Remove bloat. :soon:
* Add additional features. :soon:
## Why?
* Keeps legacy compatibility with classic addons format and allows maximum user customizability.
* Provides a trademark free application for others to share and redistribute as they see fit.
* One of the last browser applications on earth that has not subdued to Chromium engine monopoly.
* Why not? Will you join us?