OS-agnostic process stat
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libpstat: OS-agnostic process stat

libpstat is a small library for getting information on running processes in an OS-agnostic way. The source is structured to make it easy to add support for additional operating systems. Currently, Linux is the only supported OS.


To build:

$ make OS=$OS_NAME

Substitute $OS_NAME for “LINUX”.


To install libpstat to /lib and headers to /usr/include/pstat:

$ sudo make install PREFIX=/ INCLUDE_PREFIX=/usr

Advanced: If you want to install libpstat’s headers to a custom location, you can do so by setting the INCLUDE_DIR variable instead of the INCLUDE_PREFIX variable. For example, passing INCLUDE_DIR=/custom/location/ would install the headers directly to /custom/location, whereas INCLUDE_PREFIX=/custom/location would install the headers to /custom/location/include/pstat.