77 Commits (7b96c6b588ba03cdcc13c4c28c53e217f49d59e6)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Aitor 7b96c6b588 specify the percentages in tilda.conf 1 year ago
Aitor 4d04d476dd get the received arguments from the socket before getting the credentials of the sender. 1 year ago
Aitor c9d8ed0165 improve the automatically connect option 1 year ago
Aitor 560f299537 resize the window of tilda 1 year ago
Aitor 675d95a750 Pass the pidfile as argument to the command service snetaid status 1 year ago
Aitor 2d71a364f9 stop periodic remainder after running execv(arg0, params); 1 year ago
Aitor 9095e96c56 fix an error in the path of network/wifi 1 year ago
Aitor d7c2df6a83 Add new routing table socket to monitor v4&v6 addresses 1 year ago
Aitor 8d6b10f14f remove superfluous header 1 year ago
Aitor cae30b41db Adding a whitelist 1 year ago
Aitor 59e77569ed Add start_periodic, written by Didier Kryn 1 year ago
Aitor f5514f5126 rename a function 1 year ago
Aitor 3ce7c57698 Make snetaid reactive to netlink events 1 year ago
Aitor aad2cd8c83 Add the sigusr2 signal handler 1 year ago
Aitor c65c5ab020 get the fullpath to libnetaid at the beginning of main 1 year ago
Aitor ca9170305b Add missing separator "/" to the path of the installed wifis 1 year ago
Aitor d809e20dfb Setting the configuration files. 1 year ago
Aitor fcda5bb514 Fix a mistake in AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR 1 year ago
Aitor de53144694 indexing corrections 1 year ago
Aitor 1c5e8703c4 Improve signal handlers. 1 year ago
Aitor 2508ec0b08 Bump to 1.0 1 year ago
Aitor 056eec8141 Link iw with the daemon. 2 years ago
Aitor ae8cf23134 fixed sleep_time to 10 2 years ago
Aitor 0944a96704 Link libnetaid.so to the binary in cmake 2 years ago
Aitor 2af7ba59ec Fixed a tipo. 2 years ago
Aitor e7ab2ab011 Replaced the sleep function by a loop. 2 years ago
Aitor 811afb1cf9 Bringing up interfaces at boot. 2 years ago
Aitor 696b8a033a Set conditions to the sleep time. 2 years ago
Aitor 69bd908482 Moved the declaration of the network devices outside the scope of the loop and introduced ifquery conditional. 2 years ago
Aitor 21b5a0be16 Updated the README.md file 2 years ago
Aitor 7232a919e3 Bringing up interfaces on boot. Set the path of the binary in postinstall.cmake using 'sed' command. 2 years ago
Aitor edcb572c14 Removed exec_cmd according to the new features of sbuf. 2 years ago
Aitor 25307b4929 Added missing line in void workd() 2 years ago
Aitor fb1ce69112 Added double quotes to the path of the config file when running wpa_supplicant. 2 years ago
Aitor cf194a8b09 Added quotes to the path of the wpasupplicant config files of the installed wifis. 2 years ago
Aitor 9458cc7a4a Updated the README.md file 2 years ago
Aitor 93bed45348 Added CMAKE_LIBRARY_ARCHITECTURE to the find_path macro. 2 years ago
Aitor 32c3d6313b Removed a superfluous line in the header of FindLibnetaid.cmake module 2 years ago
Aitor 3380012e83 Removed the PREFIX variable from CMake 2 years ago
Aitor 1f11aabdfc Updated the README.md file 2 years ago
Aitor 34623634b4 The postinstall.cmake module is only run when building from source. 2 years ago
Aitor 6c52645723 Improved the stop process in the init script. 2 years ago
Aitor 714181ed15 Changes related to the new defined variable: stop_if_connected. 2 years ago
Aitor 4f801c7c80 Stop the service once the cconnection has been stablished depending on the value of "stop_if_connected". 2 years ago
Aitor 7436b91731 Added a variadic function for the system command. 2 years ago
Aitor 2049f5ba4d Changed --no-foreground to --background. 2 years ago
Aitor aab951a9b4 Added a new variable stopping the service once the system has been connected. 2 years ago
Aitor 17d9df1c99 Fixed an issue with git-buildpackage in the Readme file. 2 years ago
Aitor 3f43dd9cef Removed a superfluous global variable. 2 years ago
Aitor 35c6df73b2 Removed the debian folder from the master branch. 2 years ago