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  1. DNS SRV record support in apt
  2. =============================
  3. Apt supports a subset of the DNS SRV server records protocol as
  4. described in [RFC 2782]( for service discovery.
  5. Before connecting to the requested server APT will send a SRV
  6. record request of the form `_$protocol._tcp._$host`, e.g.
  7. `` or ``.
  8. If the server sends SRV records
  9. as a reply APT will use those to connect to the server(s) in
  10. this reply. It will honor the `priority` field in the reply.
  11. However it does not implement the `weight` algorithm as described
  12. in RFC 2782. It will use an equal weight for each server of the
  13. same priority.
  14. If connecting to a server fails APT will retry with the next one
  15. and remove the server from the list of valid servers for this
  16. session.