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Contributing to modemu2k

Coding Standards

The goal is to use a style similar to GNU Coding Standards, but braces not indented:

  if (cmd >= TELCMD_FIRST)
    return telcmds[cmd - TELCMD_FIRST];
    sprintf (str, "?(%d)", cmd);
    return str;

Pull Requests

You can use The GitHub flow, which mostly just involves creating a separate branch for each patch you’re working on. Using that method helps prevent merge conflicts later. Note that you should never need to work on the master branch or merge your patches into the master branch (See “syncing” below).

Source code patches should only contain changes related to a single issue. This helps speed up the review and discussion process. However, if you’re helping fix typos and grammar errors in documentation, multiple changes in one PR is fine. General rule of thumb for documentation patches on this project is 5 unrelated changes or fewer to a PR. But if they are only one-word or letter changes, I can be flexible and more than 5 will still be gratefully accepted for review.

If you’re submitting a documentation-only PR, please add [skip ci] to the commit message; it will prevent automatic code testing on Travis.

If you submit a pull request, please add yourself (along with your personal link) to


Periodically, you’ll need to sync your repo with the upstream. GitHub has instructions for doing this