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  1. Getting started quickly with modemu
  2. ===================================
  3. Prepared for the Debian package by John Goerzen <>
  4. Here are a few brief hints on getting started with modemu.
  6. * To exit a modemu run from a command prompt, type:
  7. AT%Q
  8. Ctrl-C will *not* abort modemu!
  9. * To exit a Minicom running Modemu, just use the normal Minicom exit
  10. key.
  11. * modemu by default uses a 7-bit connection. You need to use special
  12. commands to use an 8-bit clean connection. (see below)
  13. * When using atdt, don't forget the quotation mark. For instance, to
  14. telnet to, you would type:
  15. ATDT"
  16. This is probably the most common mistake people make.
  17. * You can use ZModem and Kermit over a modemu connection (for instance,
  18. to BBSs). Just make sure you are in 8-bit clean mode. (aka binary
  19. mode)
  20. * Here is a sample command line to start Minicom using modemu in 8-bit
  21. mode:
  22. modemu -e "AT%B0=1%B1=1&W" -c "minicom -p tty%s"
  23. You might want to alias this with your shell or put it into a script.
  24. * You can use modemu from UUCP by using the port type "pipe" and
  25. using a command like modemu -e "AT%B0=1%B1=1&W"
  26. * Finally, read the manpage and the README file.