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modemu2k v0.0.5

modemu2k is a fork of modemu, originally developed by Toru Egashira

(Travis Build status

What is modemu2k?

modemu2k adds telnet capability to a comm program. It can redirect
telnet I/O to a pty so that a comm program can handle the pty as a tty
with a real modem, and allows you to use a comm program's scripting
and file transfer features over telnet. Now supports IPv6 connections.

Maintainer: Andy Alt <>
License: GNU GPL 3
Home page: <>

Issues and bug reporting


* gettext (unless --disable-nls is used)
* flex


Use ./configure --help to see extra options


`make install` is optional. The binary can be run from the src/
directory; however, installation is required to use the translations,
and to create and install a script ( that can invoke
minicom (see below).

Sample Usage

Note: while in the program if backspace doesn't work, use CTRL+H.

1) Stand alone usage

Invoked with no option,


modemu2k reads from standard input and writes to standard output.

> atd"localhost [port]

(prompt ">" is not shown) You will see your host's login prompt
(if a server is running). When you disconnect, you will get "NO
CARRIER" indication. Then input

> at%q

to quit modemu2k.

2) With a comm program

(This example uses minicom as the comm program)

Invoke with "-c" option,

modemu2k -e "AT%B0=1%B1=1&W" -c "minicom -l -tansi -con -p %s"

From within the comm program, if you have a server running, to
connect you can enter:


You could also connect to a BBS. For some telnet addresses, see:

* <<Prism BBS<>
* Synchronet BBS List<>

To quit modemu2k, just quit the comm program.

A script to invoke minicom as mentioned above will be installed to
your bin directory when `make install` is run.

Escaping to command mode and returning

To escape to command mode, use '+++'. Use ATO to return to online mode.

Hanging up a call/closing a connection

If you are connected to a server where gracefully logging out isn't
possible, to "hang up" or close the connection you can escape to command
mode and enter 'ATH`.


* Release page<>
* FileGate->(Linux Utilities category)<>

(*) Almost all file xfer protocols require 8bit through connection,
which means Modemu2k must be in the binary transmission mode. See %B
command description in the man page.

More details are in the QuickStart guide

A man page is also available.

For Translators

We use Transifex to translate the output messages. To start translating
modemu2k, ​create an account in Transifex and ask to join a translation
team (or create a new one) at