amprolla is an apt repository merger originally intended for use with the Devuan infrastructure. This version is the third iteration of the software.
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6 years ago
# See LICENSE file for copyright and license details.
6 years ago
# Orchestration of incremental updates
# Make sure these correlate to lib/
6 years ago
# TODO: Remove the while loop and run with cron after testing phase
while true; do
ln -snf "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-staging "$REPO_ROOT"/merged
6 years ago
# The break call is temporary to catch unhandled exceptions in the testing phase
python3 "$AMPROLLA_UPDATE" || {
ln -snf "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-production "$REPO_ROOT"/merged
printf "rsyncing volatile to production...\n"
rsync --delete -raX "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-volatile/* "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-production
printf "done!\n"
ln -snf "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-production "$REPO_ROOT"/merged
printf "rsyncing volatile to staging...\n"
rsync --delete -raX "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-volatile/* "$REPO_ROOT"/merged-staging
printf "done!\n"
sleep 3600