amprolla is an apt repository merger originally intended for use with the Devuan infrastructure. This version is the third iteration of the software.
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
import subprocess
from os.path import join
import requests
from import download
from lib.parse import parse_release, get_time, get_date
roots = {
'devuan': {
'local': 'spool/devuan/dists/jessie',
'remote': '',
'debian': {
'local': 'spool/debian/dists/jessie',
'remote': '',
'debian-sec': {
'local': 'spool/dists/jessie/updates',
'remote': '',
release_file = 'Release'
def merge_files(repo, relfile):
Loads the local release and call the merge process
print('Loading Release')
rel = join(roots[repo]['local'], relfile)
release_contents = open(rel).read()
hashes = parse_release(release_contents)
for k in hashes.keys():
# if k.endswith('Packages.gz'):
if k.endswith('/binary-armhf/Packages.gz'):
# skip empty files
# TODO: probably best to copy it in place when this occurs
if hashes[k] == 'f61f27bd17de546264aa58f40f3aafaac7021e0ef69c17f6b1b4cd7664a037ec':
print('Skipping %s' % k)
continue['./amprolla-merge', k])
local_rel = join(roots['devuan']['local'], release_file)
remote_rel = join(roots['devuan']['remote'], release_file)
local_contents = open(local_rel).read()
local_date = get_date(local_contents)
r = requests.get(remote_rel)
remote_contents = r.text
remote_date = get_date(remote_contents)
print('Local date: %s' % local_date)
print('Remote date: %s' % remote_date)
if get_time(remote_date) > get_time(local_date):
# dump new release in place and merge
# NOTE: when testing, watch out because you lose the old Release file in
# spool
print('Remote is newer')
download(remote_rel, local_rel)
merge_files('devuan', local_rel)