73 Commits (master)

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  Bernd Zeimetz 2605614101
gpsd-tools: add missing Breaks+Replaces 2 months ago
  Boian Bonev d3e48591f0 remove deps on systemd 6 months ago
  Boian Bonev 24eadb7dea bump up standards 6 months ago
  Boian Bonev 14d7d1ffcb remove build-dep on python3-gps which is build by us 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz fde9198760 libgps-dev: mark as M-A: same 6 months ago
  Pino Toscano d78fef17f7 Limit libsystemd-dev & libudev-dev build-deps as linux-any 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz d557db0586 remove old X-Python settings 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 0ef4040bc1 add libudev-dev as build-dep 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz a60bae7064 add libsystemd-dev as build-dep 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 6b612ecf02 add all the python stuff as build-dep 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 8fa233224a remove gpsd-dbg package 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz b72ada42db add asciidoctor as build-dep 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 82d5b474ce Addint matplotlib as dependency 6 months ago
  Boian Bonev e22cc5b188 revert section of gpsd-dbg 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev f3ade1dd4d remove leftovers from pakage rename 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 3cbb96dee1 abandon the idea to rename gpsd-dbg to gpsd-debugtools 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev c4dd7ae3a5 revert last change 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 53268562c0 add transitional package for rename; fix section of gpsd-debugtools; try to set multi-arch 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 73d06345fd remove section debug from gpsd-debugtools; add transitional package for rename 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 7c795ac65d choose more appropriate name for gpsd debug tools; remove dbgsym migration 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev b189921eeb add gpsd-dbg-tools provides/breaks/replaces gpsd-dbg 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev f8e8b2c7a5 set official Devuan Vcs-* 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev a54d34d647 use debhelper 13 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 4034b71bb7 fix gpsd-dbg-tools binary package name 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 02257088c5 rename gpsd-dbg to gpsd-dbg-tools 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 0aa90d5eca add missing pre-depends 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 014adbf3ae add Origin: Devuan 11 months ago
  Boian Bonev 30d9b69c2f Fork for Devuan 11 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 3296cd5879 removing extra linebreak 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 7936993f2b Fixing git URLs 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt f65cd78bb4
d/control[.in]: moving gpsctl still breaks gpsd-clients (<< 3.20-9) for upgraders never seeing the version in experimental 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 7670b61e33
exchange gpsd-client/tools content 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 61b96d150b
d/control[.in]: add python3 dependency to gpsd-dbg 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 4565ceb024
d/control[.in]: gpsd needs python as depends 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt b78132aa55
d/control[.in]: move ubxtool and ntpshmmon to gpsd 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 4a1454fb3f
d/control[.in]: have gpsd-tools depend on gpsd-clients as it extends on cgps 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 016cff824f
move gpsctl to package gpsd (LP: #1872189) 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 2fcf975445
split more uncommon tools to gpsd-tools (LP: #1872189) 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 62aa4951e6 Remove last traces of python2. 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 2227686ab9 Redo changes accidentally done in d/control 1 year ago
  Pino Toscano d44b13d8ae Add dh-exec as build dependency 1 year ago
  Pino Toscano 87b9f937e8 Restore the libusb-1.0-0-dev build dependency on Hurd 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz a620b1d5af Depend on python3 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 0be9eebd44 changes need to go into control.in 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 0332c8e541 Remove duplicate build-deps 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 8eee1d20af Also remove dependencies on python-gps 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz bbf652ee9f Remove python2 support. 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 205cf6a001 Fix scons version in control.in, too. 2 years ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 55ab4a0938 d/control{.in}: simplify by dropping conflicts/breaks not even in oldoldstable anymore 2 years ago
  Christian Ehrhardt d805130769 d/control: add ${python3:Depends} to gpsd-clients in case upstream switches to python3 2 years ago