18 Commits (master)

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  Bernd Zeimetz 6ac6556eef install examples with dh_install 6 months ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 01a5554100 Install new gpsd-client tools. 6 months ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 7670b61e33
exchange gpsd-client/tools content 1 year ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 2fcf975445
split more uncommon tools to gpsd-tools (LP: #1872189) 1 year ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 6d9ccaf329 Add gpsrinex 2 years ago
  Christian Ehrhardt b2c300773c d/control{.in}, d/gpsd-clients.install, d/python3-gps.install: tools gpscat, gpsfake and gpsprof are python2 and part of the cli tools, so move them from python3-gps to gpsd-clients 2 years ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 162c33c2b1 d/gpsd-clients.install: add new ubxtool and zerk to manage JAVAD and u-blox GPS 2 years ago
  Christian Ehrhardt 13442d6a6c standards-version 3.9.8: switch deprecated menu to FreeDesktop entries 2 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 2638b3e0ed Avoid duplicate ppscheck installation. 3 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz f0ea094880 Install ppscheck + manpage 3 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz ef8446810d Install new files. 6 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 5cfb0747b2 Install gps2udp(1) in gpsd-clients. 7 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz aee3010646 Ensure all files from debian/tmp are being installed. 9 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz e6695ff2e9 Use dh_install --fail-missing. 9 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz a708cb3edc Install the new xgpsspeed into gpsd-clients. 11 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 269461965d Install only listed files into the gpsd-clients package. 11 years ago
  Bernd Zeimetz 4d4ab14ab2 Do not try to install manpages via gpsd-clients.install. 11 years ago
  bzed 342cebe13a build shared lib, gpsd + clients 13 years ago