143 Commits (47f3addeee8ae3b22238f932a3fc6fd5371faa79)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bzed 47f3addeee Dropping the patch - the file is in the debian directory. 13 years ago
  bzed cd3ddffe02 * debian/po translation updates: 13 years ago
  bzed 913f330fe6 Disabling accidentally enable regress checker. 13 years ago
  bzed 34a176f91b * debian/patches/holux-m241.dpatch: 13 years ago
  bzed 58b0dd33f6 * debian/po translation updates: 13 years ago
  bzed 2abd34ad68 debian/rules: 13 years ago
  bzed 71955d3ae2 - Adding architecture dependent and c++ symbols to the symbol files. 13 years ago
  bzed 9f843b6a51 libgps.so.17 libgps17 #MINVER# 13 years ago
  bzed a468c453f0 debian/libgps17.symbols.* 13 years ago
  bzed 45cdcafaa4 releasing 13 years ago
  bzed 02b61082f9 - ca.po, thanks to Jordà Polo (Closes: #474133). 13 years ago
  bzed 3c4dbdcd58 debconf-updatepo run 13 years ago
  bzed 44dde99d5e * debian/po translation updates: 13 years ago
  bzed 9e77a2f141 * debian/gpsd.hotplug.wrappper: 13 years ago
  bzed d33a500e84 better question order 13 years ago
  bzed 172079a63b template update 13 years ago
  bzed 7d6477c9ed more fixes on the hotplug wrapper and postinst 13 years ago
  bzed 961b4511bd postinst and template fixes 13 years ago
  bzed 9521bc7945 * debian/gpsd.config, debian/gpsd.postinst: 13 years ago
  bzed 4d01114bfc * debian/gpsd.config: 13 years ago
  bzed 0aac9636b4 - Installing udev rules again, also remove the old udev rules 13 years ago
  bzed 9aff25ed2f * debian/gpsd.examples: 13 years ago
  bzed 4d4a251e0e debconf-updatepo 13 years ago
  bzed 4b2b0a2164 * debian/hotplug.wrappper: 13 years ago
  bzed 4d203a1909 new templates, hotplug wrapper and rules 13 years ago
  bzed 370b5f9b84 * New upstream version. 13 years ago
  bzed 01315a61eb Templates based on review from jbr@edlug.org.uk 13 years ago
  bzed c0a6b6d300 * debian/watch: 13 years ago
  bzed 8f68e44f70 * debian/libgps17.symbols: 13 years ago
  bzed 6ef53dc920 run dh_install on all packages 13 years ago
  bzed 25c70bf1c6 symbols file update 13 years ago
  bzed 4a41774455 really run the install target. 13 years ago
  bzed 7caf990ce9 debian/rules fix 13 years ago
  bzed f359d6aba0 * debian/patches: 13 years ago
  bzed f28df219ae * New upstream release candidate, including C++ support again 13 years ago
  bzed 868f963d30 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 61eefce973 - Adding the symbol garmintxt_parse@Base which was introduced in 2.36. 14 years ago
  bzed a2b444741e - Removing gpsfake-logfile-howto.dpatch and gpsfake-gpsd-path.dpatch - 14 years ago
  bzed a52c310ae7 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 0b5ed50d54 * New upstream release. 14 years ago
  bzed e61a5af07c * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed a14be6ed95 preparing a release 14 years ago
  bzed 72d2df0f43 typo fix 14 years ago
  bzed be90cf14b8 gpsd is not found. Based on a patch by Andreas Putzo. 14 years ago
  bzed 47c48b93c9 * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed 28135f5f60 * debian/control: 14 years ago
  bzed 80d1a319bb relaeding 14 years ago
  bzed 7e5ea8fd57 * New upstream version, including several bugfixes for bugs reported by 14 years ago
  bzed 8114260c53 * New upstream version. 14 years ago
  bzed ab69193be1 mv gpsd 14 years ago