23 Commits (47f3addeee8ae3b22238f932a3fc6fd5371faa79)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bzed 47f3addeee Dropping the patch - the file is in the debian directory. 13 years ago
  bzed 34a176f91b * debian/patches/holux-m241.dpatch: 13 years ago
  bzed f359d6aba0 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 868f963d30 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed a2b444741e - Removing gpsfake-logfile-howto.dpatch and gpsfake-gpsd-path.dpatch - 14 years ago
  bzed a52c310ae7 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 28135f5f60 * debian/control: 14 years ago
  bzed 8114260c53 * New upstream version. 14 years ago
  bzed 2c7df61c51 * Experimental build based on svn revision 4540. 14 years ago
  bzed f804d12242 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed e14daa7735 - Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie Siddall (Closes: #453413). 14 years ago
  bzed ad3514c10b * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 3fe9672240 - Adding INSTALL-description-fix.dpatch, clarifying which device gpsd uses 14 years ago
  bzed 3689c73929 * debian/gpsd.templates: 14 years ago
  bzed 9b940d8464 fixing an implicit declaration 14 years ago
  bzed 2d21e777c0 several updates 14 years ago
  bzed 60c6111de8 we don;t build xgpsspeed - don;t mention it in the manpage 14 years ago
  bzed 68f9ff6781 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed f116b9c843 on teh way to finish the package build process... 14 years ago
  bzed a2c559f883 -adding patch to finalize the removal of Tachometer.c 14 years ago
  bzed 2435c7c0c3 several updates, proper python setup.py 14 years ago
  bzed 222c3e603f cleaning up patches, taking care of them later 14 years ago
  bzed a8c7609d3a [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk 14 years ago