124 Commits (4d01114bfc1ee9cd45573b93909bda226c5ba2f0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  bzed 4d01114bfc * debian/gpsd.config: 13 years ago
  bzed 0aac9636b4 - Installing udev rules again, also remove the old udev rules 13 years ago
  bzed 9aff25ed2f * debian/gpsd.examples: 13 years ago
  bzed 4d4a251e0e debconf-updatepo 13 years ago
  bzed 4b2b0a2164 * debian/hotplug.wrappper: 13 years ago
  bzed 4d203a1909 new templates, hotplug wrapper and rules 13 years ago
  bzed 370b5f9b84 * New upstream version. 13 years ago
  bzed 01315a61eb Templates based on review from jbr@edlug.org.uk 13 years ago
  bzed c0a6b6d300 * debian/watch: 13 years ago
  bzed 8f68e44f70 * debian/libgps17.symbols: 13 years ago
  bzed 6ef53dc920 run dh_install on all packages 13 years ago
  bzed 25c70bf1c6 symbols file update 13 years ago
  bzed 4a41774455 really run the install target. 13 years ago
  bzed 7caf990ce9 debian/rules fix 13 years ago
  bzed f359d6aba0 * debian/patches: 13 years ago
  bzed f28df219ae * New upstream release candidate, including C++ support again 13 years ago
  bzed 868f963d30 * debian/patches: 13 years ago
  bzed 61eefce973 - Adding the symbol garmintxt_parse@Base which was introduced in 2.36. 14 years ago
  bzed a2b444741e - Removing gpsfake-logfile-howto.dpatch and gpsfake-gpsd-path.dpatch - 14 years ago
  bzed a52c310ae7 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed 0b5ed50d54 * New upstream release. 14 years ago
  bzed e61a5af07c * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed a14be6ed95 preparing a release 14 years ago
  bzed 72d2df0f43 typo fix 14 years ago
  bzed be90cf14b8 gpsd is not found. Based on a patch by Andreas Putzo. 14 years ago
  bzed 47c48b93c9 * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed 28135f5f60 * debian/control: 14 years ago
  bzed 80d1a319bb relaeding 14 years ago
  bzed 7e5ea8fd57 * New upstream version, including several bugfixes for bugs reported by 14 years ago
  bzed 8114260c53 * New upstream version. 14 years ago
  bzed ab69193be1 mv gpsd 14 years ago
  bzed f77345fe09 no tests :| 14 years ago
  bzed d552bd77a3 copyright updates 14 years ago
  bzed 4f1e69ea7a * debian/control: 14 years ago
  bzed 3cb5c006f5 * Experimental build based on svn revision 4543. 14 years ago
  bzed cbcdb09d04 symbols file 14 years ago
  bzed b6590605b8 regression tests 14 years ago
  bzed 2c7df61c51 * Experimental build based on svn revision 4540. 14 years ago
  bzed ccaefd70a6 * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed f804d12242 * debian/patches: 14 years ago
  bzed d2392de991 - Bumping Standards-Version to 3.7.3. 14 years ago
  bzed e4de9de5da * debian/control: 14 years ago
  bzed 5be87ecb75 debconf-updatepo 14 years ago
  bzed e14daa7735 - Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie Siddall (Closes: #453413). 14 years ago
  bzed f683dad8db - Vietnamese translation, thanks to Clytie Siddall (Closes: #453413). 14 years ago
  bzed 2144f76c41 * debian/po updates: 14 years ago
  bzed 4f025b3987 * NOT RELEASED YET 14 years ago
  bzed c5ccbc091d updated sv translation 14 years ago
  bzed d4f296eb93 .... not ready yet.... 14 years ago
  bzed 7a2b2addcf updated files after running update-podebconf 14 years ago