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  bzed e5a4b33f7b * debian/copyright: 12 years ago
  bzed d552bd77a3 copyright updates 13 years ago
  bzed a2c559f883 -adding patch to finalize the removal of Tachometer.c 13 years ago
  bzed 2435c7c0c3 several updates, proper python setup.py 13 years ago
  bzed 18f1b10839 more updates 13 years ago
  bzed e53fa9a828 more updates on the copyright file 13 years ago
  bzed 3060774fd1 updating licenses 13 years ago
  bzed 27697c9d68 * Hijacking the package as announced on debian-devel@lists.d.o 13 years ago
  bzed a8c7609d3a [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk 13 years ago