Devuan fork of gpsd
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Apparmor profile for gpsd

AppArmor is a Mandatory Access Control (MAC) system, implemented upon the Linux Security Modules (LSM).

Distributions using Apparmor are Debian, Ubuntu, various derivates, SuSE and various others. Please note that RedHat, CentOS and Fedora are using SELinux, which does obviously not use Apparmor profiles.

The file usr.sbin.gpsd is the apparmor profile created by the Ubuntu/Cacnonical developers for the usage in Debian and Ubuntu. If you want to use it, you need

  • an apparmor installation. Please consult the documentation of your distribution, some useful documentation can be found in Debian Wiki and Arch Wiki. Make sure apparmor in general is working as expected before adding new profiles.
  • to copy the file to /etc/apparmor.d and name it according to the location of your gpsd binary. The proper name should be the output of command -v gpsd | sed 's,^/,,;s,/,.,g'
  • to edit your copied file, at least you need to fix the location of gpsd if necessary, also check if the rules apply to your installation or if you want to limit them (for example: if you have one fixed serial device you might now want to allow gpsd to talk to all tty devices).

Before enforcing your new profile you might want to run it in complain mode: aa-complain /etc/apparmor.d/ Give it a good testing, if everything works as expected, put it into enforce mode: aa-enforce /etc/apparmor.d/