Devuan fork of gpsd
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Boian Bonev 4461902669
1 month ago
patches fix typos 6 months ago
source override is no longer needed 6 months ago
tests do not test and rely on systemd functionality during autopkgtest 2 months ago
upstream export clean key 11 months ago
.gitlab-ci.yml add automatically generated rdep builder 6 months ago
changelog 3.22-3+devuan1 1 month ago
control Updating debian/control from debian/ 1 month ago gpsd-tools: add missing Breaks+Replaces 1 month ago
copyright fix path to a moved file 6 months ago
gbp.conf fix debian-tag 11 months ago
gpsd-clients.install install examples with dh_install 6 months ago
gpsd-tools.install exchange gpsd-client/tools content 1 year ago
gpsd-tools.postinst split more uncommon tools to gpsd-tools (LP: #1872189) 1 year ago
gpsd.default start daemon as default 11 months ago Fix for asciidoc. 1 year ago
gpsd.init restore sysv init script 11 months ago
gpsd.install remove systemd stuff 11 months ago
gpsd.postinst d/gpsd.{pre,post}{rm,inst}: drop code only needed for upgrades from oldoldstable 2 years ago
gpsd.postrm d/gpsd.{pre,post}{rm,inst}: drop code only needed for upgrades from oldoldstable 2 years ago
libgps-dev.install Install new files. 6 years ago
libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.install - d/rules, d/libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.install: replace with a quirk to avoid issues by broken fakeroot 2 years ago
libgpsLIBGPSSONAME.symbols Remove duplicate lines from symbol files. 1 month ago
libqgpsmm-dev.install libQgpsmm.3 is not yet compressed at install time 1 year ago
libqgpsmmLIBGPSSONAME.install Allow half-automatic soname transitions. 7 years ago
libqgpsmmLIBGPSSONAME.symbols Mark String::QString(QString const&)@Base as optional. 1 month ago
python3-gps.install install libgpsdpacket into python3-gps 6 months ago
rules Revert "install the patched udev rules" 6 months ago
usr.sbin.gpsd merge with debian 3.22-2 6 months ago
watch debian/watch: use https and signature verification 2 years ago