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  1. The gpsd test flock is intended to make it easy for GPSD devs to
  2. verify operation of the software on multiple architectures and operating
  3. systems.
  4. To add a machine to the flock, do these steps:
  5. 1. Create a test-sandbox account. The recommended name is "gpsd".
  6. 2. Install git and gpsd's build prerequisites (gcc, Python, autotools, etc.)
  7. where the test account can run them. On a Debian/Ubuntu system you may be
  8. able to do this all at once with these commands:
  9. aptitude install git-core autoconf automake libtool
  10. aptitude build-dep gpsd
  11. 3. Make sure the account is reachable from the general Internet via ssh.
  12. 4. Install the public key of the test-network gatekeeper in
  13. .ssh/authorized_keys. Presently the test-network gatekeeper is
  14.; it is expected that this role will be held by the
  15. GPSD project lead or some delegate. The key is:
  16. ssh-dss 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 esr@snark
  17. 5. Append an entry to the flocktest.ini file and push to origin with the commit
  18. message "Added new flock site" or something similar. If you do not
  19. have git commit access, mail the entry to the development mailing
  20. list.
  21. To gain access to the test network:
  22. 1. Email a valid public ssh key to the flock gatekeeper. He will install the
  23. key on the test sites.
  24. To use the test network:
  25. 1. Call the script 'flocktest', optionally with a -d option to set a
  26. test subdirectory. (You can also set this in a .flockdriver dot file;
  27. do "flocktest -?" to see instructions about how to set this up.)
  28. The local flocktest script will upload an agent script to each
  29. machine that will do " && make % make check". flocktest
  30. will only return after all tests are complete, but they will be run
  31. in parallel rather than sequentially.
  32. The success/failure notifications will appear as CIA messages on
  33. the #gpsd IRC channel at freenode. For each failed test, the
  34. log will be dumped to standard output.
  35. We have access to some the Debian test machines listed as porterboxes
  36. at <>. Adding these to the flock is
  37. a work in progress.