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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
  2. <!--
  3. This file is Copyright (c) 2017 by the GPSD project
  4. SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-clause
  5. -->
  6. <!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC
  7. "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"
  8. "">
  9. <refentry id='gpxlogger.1'>
  10. <refentryinfo><date>05 Mar 2017</date></refentryinfo>
  11. <refmeta>
  12. <refentrytitle>gpxlogger</refentrytitle>
  13. <manvolnum>1</manvolnum>
  14. <refmiscinfo class="source">The GPSD Project</refmiscinfo>
  15. <refmiscinfo class="manual">GPSD Documentation</refmiscinfo>
  16. </refmeta>
  17. <refnamediv id='name'>
  18. <refname>gpxlogger</refname>
  19. <refpurpose>Tool to connect to gpsd and generate a GPX file</refpurpose>
  20. </refnamediv>
  21. <refsynopsisdiv id='synopsis'>
  22. <cmdsynopsis>
  23. <command>gpxlogger</command>
  24. <arg choice='opt'>-D <replaceable>debug-level</replaceable></arg>
  25. <arg choice='opt'>-d </arg>
  26. <arg choice='opt'>-e <replaceable>export-method</replaceable></arg>
  27. <arg choice='opt'>-f <replaceable>filename</replaceable></arg>
  28. <arg choice='opt'>-l </arg>
  29. <arg choice='opt'>-m <replaceable>minmove</replaceable></arg>
  30. <arg choice='opt'>-h </arg>
  31. <arg choice='opt'>-V </arg>
  32. <arg choice='opt'>-i <replaceable>track timeout</replaceable></arg>
  33. <group>
  34. <replaceable>server</replaceable>
  35. <group>
  36. <replaceable>:port</replaceable>
  37. <group><replaceable>:device</replaceable></group>
  38. </group>
  39. </group>
  40. </cmdsynopsis>
  41. </refsynopsisdiv>
  42. <refsect1 id='description'><title>DESCRIPTION</title>
  43. <para>This program collects fixes from <application>gpsd</application>
  44. and logs them to standard output in GPX, an XML profile for track
  45. logging.</para>
  46. <para>The output may be composed of multiple tracks. A new track is
  47. created if there's no fix written for an interval specified by the
  48. <option>-i</option> and defaulting to 5 seconds.</para>
  49. <para><application>gpxlogger</application> can use any of the
  50. export methods that <application>gpsd</application> supports.
  51. For a list of these methods, use the <option>-l</option>.
  52. To force the method, give the <option>-e</option> one of
  53. the colon-terminated method names from the <option>-l</option>
  54. table.</para>
  55. </refsect1>
  56. <refsect1 id='options'><title>OPTIONS</title>
  57. <para>The <option>-h</option> option causes <application>gpxlogger</application>
  58. to emit a summary of its options and then exit.</para>
  59. <para>The <option>-V</option> option causes <application>gpxlogger</application>
  60. to dump the package version and exit.</para>
  61. <para> The <option>-D</option> option sets a debug level;
  62. it is primarily for use by GPSD developers.
  63. It enables various progress messages to standard error.</para>
  64. <para>The <option>-d</option> option tells
  65. <application>gpxlogger</application> to run as a daemon in background.
  66. It requires the <option>-f</option> option, which directs output to a
  67. specified logfile.</para>
  68. <para>The <option>-m</option> option sets a minimum move distance in
  69. meters (it may include a fractional decimal part). Motions shorter
  70. than this will not be logged.</para>
  71. <para>The <option>-r</option> option tells
  72. <application>gpxlogger</application> to retry when GPSd loses the fix.
  73. Without <option>-r</option>, <application>gpxlogger</application>
  74. would quit in this case.</para>
  75. <para>If D-Bus support is available on the host, GPSD is configured to
  76. use it, and <command>-e dbus</command> is specified, this program
  77. listens to DBUS broadcasts from
  78. <application>gpsd</application> via org.gpsd.fix.</para>
  79. <para>With <command>-e sockets</command>, or if sockets is the method
  80. defaulted to, you may give a server-port-device specification as
  81. arguments.</para>
  82. <para>The sockets default is to all devices on the localhost,
  83. using the default GPSD port 2947. An optional argument to any
  84. client may specify a server to get data from. A colon-separated suffix
  85. is taken as a port number. If there is a second colon-separated
  86. suffix, that is taken as a specific device name to be
  87. watched. However, if the server specification contains square
  88. brackets, the part inside them is taken as an IPv6 address and
  89. port/device suffixes are only parsed after the trailing bracket.
  90. Possible cases look like this:</para>
  91. <variablelist>
  92. <varlistentry>
  93. <term>localhost:/dev/ttyS1</term>
  94. <listitem><para>Look at the default port of localhost, trying both
  95. IPv4 and IPv6 and watching output from serial device 1.</para></listitem>
  96. </varlistentry>
  97. <varlistentry>
  98. <term></term>
  99. <listitem><para>Look at port 2317 on, trying both
  100. IPv4 and IPv6.</para></listitem>
  101. </varlistentry>
  102. <varlistentry>
  103. <term></term>
  104. <listitem><para>Look at port 2317 at the specified IPv4
  105. address, collecting data from attached serial device 3.</para></listitem>
  106. </varlistentry>
  107. <varlistentry>
  108. <term>[FEDC:BA98:7654:3210:FEDC:BA98:7654:3210]:2317:/dev/ttyS5</term>
  109. <listitem><para>Look at port 2317 at the specified IPv6
  110. address, collecting data from attached serial device 5.</para></listitem>
  111. </varlistentry>
  112. </variablelist>
  113. </refsect1>
  114. <refsect1 id='see_also'><title>SEE ALSO</title>
  115. <para>
  116. <citerefentry><refentrytitle>gpsd</refentrytitle><manvolnum>8</manvolnum></citerefentry>,
  117. <citerefentry><refentrytitle>gps</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry>
  118. <citerefentry><refentrytitle>gpspipe</refentrytitle><manvolnum>1</manvolnum></citerefentry>
  119. </para>
  120. </refsect1>
  121. <refsect1 id='maintainer'><title>AUTHORS</title>
  122. <para>
  123. Amaury Jacquot <email></email> &amp;
  124. Petter Reinholdtsen <email></email> &amp;
  125. Chris Kuethe <email></email>
  126. </para>
  127. </refsect1>
  128. </refentry>