Devuan fork of gpsd
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The repo directory contains git configuration files and hooks as
used at Berlios. Here follows a short description of the files and
what they do:

description: Description of the project as displayed by gitweb/cgit.

config: Repository configuration, including config details for the

hooks/post-receive: This script is run after receive-pack has accepted a
pack and the repository has been updated.
Currently passes stdin to
which mails out commit messages to the commit
mailing list. See the head of
for a documentation of the config options for the

hooks/ see hooks/post-receive

hooks/post-update: Runs after the update hook. Executes
git update-server-info
to update the auxiliary info file to help dumb
servers (needed to clone via http)

hooks/update-custom: Append to the standard update hook script. Calls, which you must also install.

The executable script "upload" can be used to update the repo copies with
files from this directory. Give it arguments to upload specified filenames,
for example

upload config

uploads the config file. With no arguments, uploads config and all hook scripts
under hooks/ directory.