Devuan fork of gpsd
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  1. Template: gpsd/device
  2. Type: string
  3. _Description: Device the GPS receiver is attached to:
  4. Please enter the device the GPS receiver is attached to. It will probably be
  5. something like /dev/ttyS0 or /dev/ttyUSB0.
  6. .
  7. Multiple devices may be specified as a space-separated list.
  8. Template: gpsd/start_daemon
  9. Type: boolean
  10. Default: false
  11. _Description: Start gpsd automatically on boot?
  12. If the GPS receiver is permanently attached to this computer, it might be
  13. appropriate for gpsd to start at boot time. Alternatively it can be started
  14. by the hotplug interface for USB devices, or by running gpsd(8) manually.
  15. Template: gpsd/daemon_options
  16. Type: string
  17. _Description: Options to gpsd:
  18. You can give additional arguments when starting gpsd; see gpsd(8) for a
  19. list of options.
  20. Template: gpsd/autodetection
  21. Type: boolean
  22. Default: false
  23. _Description: Start gpsd automatically on attaching a USB GPS receiver?
  24. This option is disabled by default, because several GPS receivers use common
  25. USB-to-serial converter chips, so gpsd may cause interference with
  26. other attached devices or programs.