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<p>Please use these support channels to troubleshoot technical issues, ask questions or file a bug.</p>
- Participate in our _web forum_ : <a href=""></a>
- Join the [#devuan][1] _IRC channel_ ([publicly archived][botbot])
- Join the [#devuan][1] _IRC channel_ ([publicly archived][devlogs])
- Follow us on _Twitter_: [@DevuanOrg](
- Subscribe to our _mailing lists_:
- [Announce][mlann] to receive official announcements
- [DNG][mldng] to discuss Devuan specific issues
- Search our _package repositories_: <a href=""></a>
- File a _bug report_: <a href=""></a>
<p>If you'd like to contribute to the maintenance and growth of Devuan by providing hardware, services, expertise, funding or media visibility, please use this contact email.</p>
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[1]: /os/community#internet-relay-chat
[2]: /os/community#forum
[3]: /os/contact#contacting-devuan
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