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......@@ -12,8 +12,7 @@ Devuan and Debian are related but there are subtle differences that could be tro
- [Devuan release information](/os/releases) describes the relationship between the Debian and Devuan release cycles which are not always in sync.
- [Devuan package repositories](/os/packages) will help you set up your `sources.list` properly.
<a href="#upgrade-or-migrate-to-beowulf"></a>
## Upgrade or Migrate to Beowulf
## Upgrade or Migrate to Beowulf <a id="upgrade-or-migrate-to-beowulf"></a>
- [Upgrade from Devuan ASCII](documentation/dev1fanboy/en/upgrade-to-beowulf)
- [Migrate from Debian Buster](documentation/dev1fanboy/en/buster-to-beowulf)
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