Commit f0c5f8f3 authored by golinux's avatar golinux

added some <code> tags

parent a4b3a353
......@@ -96,7 +96,7 @@ If warned by GParted to do so, create a partition table according to
your boot mode which was discussed earlier - use an <code>msdos</code>
partition table for MBR boot mode or a <code>gpt</code> partiton
table for UEFI boot mode. For UEFI, you must have a proper EFI partition:
50-500MB, FAT32, with esp flag in gparted or EF00 in gdisk. This window
50-500MB, FAT32, with <code>esp</code> flag in gparted or <code>EF00</code> in gdisk. This window
shows a valid partition scheme for a UEFI install.
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