This is the place to provide installation reports and feedback. If you install devuan and have an issue, please let us know, collecting as much information as possible.

Congratulations, so you've installed Devuan (or tried to do so). We'd love to hear about your experiences and get feedback on any issues you came across.

To get help during an installation, try connecting to us on IRC freenode.net #devuan.

To provide accurate feedback and error reports, we ask that you try to collect as much information as possible, so here is how to do that:

1) If you complete the installation, please collect the files from: /var/log/installer/ and attach them as a tar archive to your issue.

2) If the installation fails at some point, please try and save off: /var/log/syslog either by copying it to another usb stick.

We'd love for you to provide aby feedback, positive or negative, as well as suggestions and also provide the installer logs as above for us to analyse and work on improving features.

The more detailed the information you can provide, the better we can support and help you and you can help us to continually improve the experience.

Regards, Daniel Reurich, maintainer of the Devuan installer images.

PS: if you want to be involved in working on improving the installer we'd love to hear from