amprolla is an apt repository on the fly merger with proxy and caching capability, aiming to become the standard way to mirroring devuan repositories and mixing it in realtime with other external selected repositories.

Amprolla - An APT repository realtime merging mirror with caching support

WARNING: amprolla is alpha software not for use outside of Devuan infrastructure.

amprolla is a rude script that generates rewrite rules for nginx that then try to merge the Devuan repository files ( like InRelease, Packages, Sources and so on ) with other external repositories ( namely, the Debian one ) in order to provide a full repository where Devuan packages have precedence over other repos.

This allows Devuan to have a fully "meta distro" where missing Devuan packages come from Debian and/or other repositories (like, for example, the deb-multimedia.org from Marillat) without the need to create a fully merged repository.

It works by downloading and merging files to create the dists/ directory structure for Devuan and then creating a pool of HTTP 302 redirects to the external repositories hosts for packages download.