Commit 2614b206 authored by Michael Prokop's avatar Michael Prokop

reprepro: processincoming doesn't handle --ignore=surprisingbinary yet


Thanks: Christoph Berg <>
parent d00f953e
......@@ -1037,9 +1037,7 @@ EOF
local old_dir=$(pwd)
cd "${REPOSITORY}/incoming/${release}"
${SUDO_CMD:-} reprepro -b "${REPOSITORY}" ${REPREPRO_OPTS} \
--ignore=wrongdistribution \
--ignore=surprisingbinary \
${SUDO_CMD:-} reprepro -b "${REPOSITORY}" ${REPREPRO_OPTS} --ignore=wrongdistribution \
processincoming "${release}" "$(basename ${WORKSPACE}/binaries/*.changes)"
local RC=$?
cd "$old_dir"
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